Disadvantages of Gaming Laptops That User May Face

Gaming Laptops are a great option for the gamer on the go, but they do come with some disadvantages. They are powerful and expensive pieces of technology, and there are a lot of people who would like to have one. But with great power and performance comes great cost. Gaming laptops might be useful for gamers, but there are a lot of disadvantages of gaming laptops to owning one. In this blog, we will look at the things that make gaming laptops less desirable than you might think.

Disadvantages of Gaming Laptops

Here are a few disadvantages of gaming laptops that you might know before buying one.

1. Limited Durability:

In general, a normal laptop can last 5 to 7 years without any major repairs. But if you are concerned about gaming laptops, they do not last longer than 2 years. Why? This is because they are prone to break faster with heavyweight, high temperature, and usage of powerful chips and GPU’s inside the laptop’s body. 

Games like PUBG, Grand Theft Auto, and The Witcher 3 require a high demand of processing power which usually leads to heating up the CPU/GPU & thus making it irreparable in a short span of time.

Fortunately, the situation is already changed when some top brands have introduced 2-3 years warranty for their gaming laptops so that buyers can enjoy worry-free experience for at least 2 years after purchasing it.

2. High Price: 

Another important disadvantage for gaming laptop buyers is its cost which highly depends on the brand you select but there will be a shortfall in its quality or spec even after paying thousands of dollars or Euros.

Put it simple: If you are okay with paying few extra bucks to display your abilities and passion, then never doubt on buying gaming laptops. 

3. Weight & Size:

For casual gamers, weight may not be a considerable concern after they have chosen their desired laptop model but as soon as you start enjoying intense gaming sessions on your laptop, you may have to deal with such problems like high hand and eye discomfort for long duration of gameplay.

Similarly, this disadvantage also applies when you are trying to carry the laptop around on or off campus, or to the charger or wherever necessary. So always remember weight and size consideration while selecting the laptop particularly for students.

4. Unsupportive Design: Removable HDD/SSD Case:

Now days, most companies were designed their laptop as detachable one means if any trouble occurs during or after 5-7 years of usage then HDD/SSD can be removed from its case faster because this is not directly fixed into the motherboard.

Unfortunately, the current gaming laptops were designed less supportive, i.e., HDD/SSD of some models are not detachable, hence a lot of hassle when you are in some limited time and gaming session to get it fixed by a repair expert.

5. Poor Battery

Gaming laptops can pack a ton of power, but sometimes their batteries just can’t keep up. It’s extremely disappointing when a gaming laptop lasts for about 2 hours on average.

Because no matter how expensive the laptop is or how well it performs in other ways its battery life is simply unacceptable. It’s important to keep some perspective though – a laptop that costs over $1,000 and plays demanding games without issue should still last longer than 2 hours moderate use.

6. Overheat

From the moment it was decided to develop a gaming laptop, their tendency to overheat became a primary issue. Laptops tend to heat up significantly while you’re playing your favorite game.

Thus they run the risk of becoming unstable or even breaking down – danger not just to the laptop itself but also on you due to all the hot tech around your body too!

Large heatsinks on your body or around it may ultimately mess up with user’s comfort and make them uncomfortable for long gaming sessions. Attempting to address such problem by extending the cooling pads base or attaching extra cooling fans will still offer temporary solution while having such design issues.

i7 is actually good against this until ago. It used to provide better heat dissipation than any other CPU as everyone knows. So still there are a lot of example when chattering sound might occur while intense gaming operations are displaying on screen.

7. Lack of Upgradability

Another disadvantage of gaming laptop is that it lacks upgradability options. Unlike desktops where you can tweak any hardware or BIOS settings to get best performance, the same features are not available in gaming laptops.

So, once you have bought a specific model, you won’t be able to upgrade its CPU/GPU once games with improved graphic requirements are released later. Similarly, you also won’t have programmable keys in your keyboard as they (Intel) will set power option to sleep while they think users don’t need it.

So, instead of shelling out huge bucks for an update on your computer’s specs every year or two, check whether it comes with empty slots (For RAM and SSD) for user-desired upgrades! Some times, one can even overclock the internal hardware.


Gaming notebooks still remain a popular option because they offer the most advanced gaming features such as high quality graphics and speed.

Here are the disadvantages of gaming laptops: they’re bulky, heavy, and tough to lug around. These machines also tend to overheat and have shorter battery lives than desktop computers.

For gamers particularly, it is essential to have an optimized gaming experience, which can prove difficult on a laptop. However, with so many brands like Alienware®, MSI®, Asus®, etc., available in the market today finding a reliable gaming notebook is not really that hard.

Some gaming notebooks are even less expensive than other laptops , but you can still find good ones that are more affordable for your budget.

Gaming notebooks are not as powerful as desktop computer rigs but they do ensure that people are getting fps and graphic processing power at almost half the cost!

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