Cheap Gaming Laptops Under $300

If you are reading this, it is obvious that you are looking for the best and cheap gaming laptop under 300 Dollars? I have reached over hundreds of gaming laptops and finally gathered a list based on most sold, fast processing, and great functionality.

I have covered all the information you need before purchasing any of the below.

The list analyses the best budget gaming laptops on the market this year. In addition to viewing buyer’s reviews we have personally done research using online and offline resources.

So keep reading to find out the cheap gaming laptop under 300 Dollars. This list is in the exact order. So read them carefully until the end so you don’t miss anything.

But before get into this…….

Let it be clear, we know these laptops are not considered as best gaming laptops. These are just the cheapest laptops with which you can play only Valorant, CSGO, Roblox, Minecraft, etc at 80-90 fps with lowest settings.

These gaming laptops are under budget you’ll get what you pay for. The features and specifications are worth for its price.

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10+ Best and Cheap Gaming Laptops Under 300 Dollars

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So let’s get to the best gaming laptops under $300.

ACER CHROMEBOOK R11 CONVERTIBLE – Few More Bucks than $300

Our Pick
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • High Brightness
  • LED backlight for functionality
  • Built in 10 point multi touch screen
Acer chromebook r11 cheap gaming laptop under 300 dollars

On the Acer Chromebook r11, the first thing you will notice is the stylish textured metallic body, which gives the computer a clean, progressive look.

The beautiful casing not only brings a great look to this affordable and best Chromebook for under $300 but also allows users to grip the machine firmly.


It is important to note that Acer Chromebook R11 runs on Google Chrome operating system. If you need a Windows operating system to get the job done, this computer may not be for you.


One of the advantages of Chromebook R11 is that it has many functions. Available for connection are 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, two USB ports, an HDMI port, and a high-definition webcam.


Three lithium-ion batteries can last for 10 hours. One of the most unique features of the Chromebook r11 is the 360-degree hinge, which uses dual torque technology to demonstrate strength and flexibility.


You can use this best budget gaming laptop as a tablet, for example in notebook mode, or pivot the screen in various ways for sharing and creating.

The advantage of the Chromebook r11 is that it can determine the mode you use and adjust the sound and screen output appropriately when flipping the display.


Acer Chromebook r11 takes only a few seconds to start. This proves its simplicity, efficiency, and functionality. The Chrome Web Store provides thousands of free apps that you can use to customize your Chromebook.


While we foresee a future in which Android apps can be used on Chrome OS, the idea of ​​using a small convertible Chromebook with a touchscreen is becoming more and more relevant.

Before Google’s announcement, the touchscreen Chromebook didn’t have much of a charm. Considering the actual capabilities of the Chromebook R11, expectations may be overstated. From a design point of view, this is not going to upset you.

 This laptop is one of the convertible Chromebooks.


Remember, when we bring the quality down to the level we want, we usually envision the price a $370, which is in fact a reasonable price for the right guy.

The Acer Chromebook R11 is a thick laptop with a very good display, a solid casing, long battery hours, and sufficient performance to meet the demands of casual operators.

Sure, it doesn’t make anything remarkable and isn’t something to yell at. Don’t let the extra features make your decision up or down.

Here are specifications of the laptop:

Processor1.66 GHz quad-core
Intel burst technology up to2.08 GHz
Hard Disk32 GB
HD Display11.6-inch 1366 x 768


  • StylishTouchscreenn
  • Good for work and plain
  • Foldable


  • Not compatible with Windows
  • Not suitable for heavy work

ASUS LAPTOP L410MA – Cheap Gaming Laptop Under $300

Our Pick
  • Graphics card: Intel UHD 600
  • Graphics Card RAM size: 4GB
  • Color: Black
  • Processor count: 2
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours
ASUS Laptop L410MA cheap gaming laptop under $300

If you are looking for a powerful, functional, and productive laptop, you should consider the Asus L410MA. Let’s take a look at the specifications to see if it could be a laptop that could become part of your future.


If seen from the inside, we will see that the Asus Vivobook works with a dual-core Intel Celeron N4020 processor, which can be loaded up to 2.8 GHz.

Although more powerful chips exist, but if your needs do not require high processing power, it is possible to set up the Windows 10 operating system, which seems to run smoothly on this computer.


For budget gaming laptops, the amount of RAM and disk space is always an issue. To solve these problems, Asus offers up to 4 GB of DDR4 RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, weighing just 2.87 pounds.


In terms of portability, this cheap gaming laptop under 300 Dollars is extremely thin, measures just 0.7 inches, and weighs only 2.87 pounds.

There is also a 57 Watthour lithium-ion battery with the potential to ensure an adequate battery life of 12 hours.


As the best budget gaming laptop on the market, the display quality needs to be considered. This affordable ASUS gaming laptop has a 14-inch full HD 1080p display.

The ergonomic chicklet keyboard gives this best available gaming laptop a great look. It’s a TN display because as you move away from the center you lose your viewing angle.

However, it is comparable to other budget gaming laptops in this price range. This can be seen on many low-cost laptops.

Since TN monitors can work, they’re not bad, but obviously not as good as IPS monitors. It contains most of aluminum.

The lower side is plastic, the sides are up, but in general it looks nice and compact.


Asus Vivobook is also great in terms of connectivity, which is an important feature of any best gaming laptop. It uses lightning-fast WiFi with a double 802.11ac antenna to ensure a constant connection without interference and overload.


This affordable gaming laptop uses the Intel HD Graphics 600 coprocessor, this is enough if you don’t need powerful graphics processing power.

There is one USB 2.0 port and two USB 3.0 ports that you can use to connect external devices if necessary.


The overall dimensions of the product are 12.8 x 8.5 x 0.72 inches and its relatively lightweight. You can take this best gaming laptop with you wherever you go.


Hard Disk64 GB
Processor2.8 GHz
Weight2.87 pounds
USB Ports3
GraphicsHD Graphics 600
WifiDouble antenna 802.1 ac
Dispaly14 inch


  • Perfect for students
  • Leightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Fast Wifi connectionnn


  • No CD driven
  • Small storage buy extendable

HP LAPTOP 2020, 64 GB HARD, 605 GRAPHICS (Renewed)

Our Pick
  • Graphics: ‎Intel HD Graphics 605
  • Color: Silver
  • Display: WLED-backlit
  • Turbo Boost: up to 2.6GHz
  • Purpose: Gaming, Business, School
  • Processor: 2 cores
hp laptop 2020 cheap gaming laptop under 300

With over 3549 ratings this laptop is found pretty famous among the buyers. This is fast enough to play Roblox and Minecraft kinds of games. If you are a photo editor installing Photoshop to make your job done and it works perfectly.   


Loading it with Microsoft office is no problem. This gives the feeling of expensive laptop.

If you want to buy something simple and beautiful at a cheap price, this is a super cool choice! In general, I find this laptop is very suitable for teenagers and young people. Compared to other laptops having same look and features it’s far less price.

It covers all the basic requirements of school, college and university students. The laptop is perfectly made and lasts long until your education ends up.


You can watch movies on Netflix or YouTube for a long time without charging and it works well. Battery life is up to 8-10 hours on mixed usage.


It looks like a normal laptop. Regular laptops have a lot of problems, but you can call it a string book that can help us fully understand the difference.

This makes an ultra-lightweight laptop with the features and performance you need for your daily work. The function is very powerful, and comes with Windows 10.

Whether you want to surf the web or stream videos, download apps and use Facebook and Instagram, or just want to use certain Office products (like Excel, Word, PowerPoint), this is something to carry around and get around.


You can connect a Kensington lock to lock your computer. So if you go out or you have something confidential, rest assured.


There are three USB ports, two of which are exceptional ​​USB ports.

In fact, they’re Ten times faster than a typical USB. Therefore, if you want to transfer files back, you can use the high-speed USB port.


If you mainly want your computer’s internal storage to provide more space for your computer, you can use the SD card slot. It has 64 GB of internal storage. All you have to do is insert your SD card and suddenly you can add storage.

This way the storage goes up very well. You can insert up to 256 GB or even 500 GB SD card. So this stamp-sized SD card offers a lot of extra storage space.


The laptop is refurbished but so far no complaint from the buyers, the condition is perfect and works like a brand new one. Certainly worth the money!

SSD Stirage64 GB
Processor2.6 GHz
OSWindows 10
Graphics Card2MB
Battery Time12 Hours


  • It looks almost new
  • Awesome screen display
  • Recommended for university students
  • Good picture quality


  • No touchscreen
  • No disk drive

Other HP Brands to Consider Best Cheap Gaming Laptop Under 300 Dollars (Updated 2022)

LENOVO IDEAPAD AMD 14-Inch – Laptop Under $300

Our Pick
  • Graphics card: ‎AMD Radeon R4
  • Card Description: Integrated & Dedicated
  • Gaming enthusiast
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Color: Grey
  • Display: WLED-backlit 
Lenovo Ideapad cheap gaming laptop under $300

Lenovo IdeaPad 14-inch is another high-quality best laptop under $300 that offers better performance and meets many of your gaming needs. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay a fortune.


A high-resolution webcam is also included to this affordable gaming laptop. There is a 4 in 1 card reader and both integrated and dedicated MD Radeon R4 Graphics card with which you can play plenty of games.


The IdeaPad 320 also offers connectivity options such as 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1.

The left side is pretty much busy with DC import and Ethernet connection, HDMI connection, microphone headset connection, USB 2.0 connection, and USB 3.0 connection, power status indicator, SD card slot, and simple operation.

Gaming laptop on the go.


The IdeaPad has a slim size of 12.8 x 18.5 x 3.2 inches and weighs only 11.3 ounces. The power supply included with a lithium metal battery ensures long-term operation of the laptop.


The operating system of this budget gaming laptop is Windows 10 64-bit Home Edition. The IdeaPad uses the latest Intel processing power and is also equipped with sufficient RAM, which makes it very fast for laptops in its price range.

If you want to open multiple tabs to browse the web, start multiple programs at the same time or watch movies and music, Lenovo IdeaPad can solve this problem. This is obviously in addition to playing a multitude of games on it.

It comes with different variants. This basic model includes dual core processor with 4 GB RAM support. If you go for higher variants you get RAM increase and storage.


It is made entirely of plastic, which is strong enough in my opinion, but at the same time can definitely improve the quality of the laptop.

Although it is made of plastic, the manufacturing quality still feels good and it will not cause any squeaking problems.

Dual-core AMD A6 Processor32Hz AMD
Memory speed1.6GHz
Hard Disk65GB eMMC
Memory typeDDR2 SDRAM memory
High-quality games and visual experience with an excellent display15.6-inch
LED backlight and a high-resolution anti-glare display1366 x 768
Graphics card‎AMD Radeon R4


  • Solid-body
  • Good for gaming, school or office use
  • Good price in terms of specificationsn
  • Light weight


  • No touch screen

ACER CHROMEBOOK 2018 15.6 INCH HD – Best Laptop Under $300

Our Pick
  • Purpose: Gaming, Personal & Business
  • Graphics: ‎Intel HD Graphics 400
  • Graphics Card Ram Size: 2MB
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 4.4 Pounds
  • Ports: 2
  • Processors: 2
Acer Chromebook best gamin laptop under 300 dollars

Easy access and speed is the main benefit of using this Acer ChromeBook. Since the price range is at low-end so they’re made for its price. I’m going to sum up some of the things I found most appealing about this one.

It comes with a Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM, and 16GB SSD.


Are you up to cup of tea while setting in front of laptop? Don’t worries the keyboard will resist the liquid if tea falls on it.

It made for all basic activities like PhotoShoping, video chat, video games, and office work.


What I really like is the big screen and the brightness. The 15.6” HD screen size is pretty much better and has a plus point compared to above laptops.

Don’t worry about the gameplay you can do so steps away from the laptop as screen quality pretty good. The reviewers observed satisfied from results, most of them praised the screen size, functionality and smooth running.


Major apps are pre-installed so you don’t need to look for them in Google play store.


It is important to bring this to your notice that I have bought number of Chromebooks over past few years some I did like and mostly I didn’t. Long battery life and quality body is another part for this choice!

There are a few things to consider before purchasing it. The material it’s made of is cool. It is plastic made, but like the silver color, it is also very pleasant to the touch.

At the lower part, it looks a bit like a diamond ornament. It almost looks like carbon fiber or fabric structure. This seems good. I’m not saying that it looks top-notch, but it’s cool.


The two nice big speakers sound really good. The sound good to the ears while watching movies on it.

Of course, you can plug Bluetooth or earphones into your computer which is great. Personally I will praise the audio quality it’s great and awesome.


Touchpad is rarely used. This really works well. It’s not the best Trackpad on the market, it’s definitely not like a Macbook or iPad, but in terms of accuracy and sensitivity it’s one of the best Chromebook trackpads I’ve used.

It got nice clicks the Touchpad size is also normal.


This Acer ChromeBook is a great option even for higher school students. It will be fine to submit reports, online research or classes, and connect to fast Wifi connection. You can carry it with you to study room in a simple bag.


Whether you’re techy or new to the system setup is easy to be done without any hurdles.

I think it’s worth the money and will exceed the expectations.  

Processor2.48 GHz
Operating SystemChrome
Screen Size15.6 inch


  • Perfect for playing android games, Roblox etc.
  • Incredible speakers
  • Brightness
  • Very fast for the price


  • No backlit keyboard
  • No delete key on keyboard


Our Pick
  • Graphics: ‎PowerVR SGX543
  • Convertible: 360 degree
  • Color: White
  • Proceesor: 2.1 Ghz 4 processor
  • RAM: ‎4 GB LPDDR3
Lenovo Chromebook best gaming laptop under 300

Let me explain everything in one sentence: this is a perfect as well as cheap gaming laptop under $300 for CASUAL laptop users!

This is a fantastic little laptop! For $ 292, get a real bargain.


64 GB is enough for Windows 10. If you get a 128 GB mini SD card, this laptop is for you. If you plan to temporarily store images, videos, and other files, storage is limited (just use a laptop).

However, if you use a Micro SD card or flash drive to store files, that’s all.


Of course, if you are a strong computer user and need to edit a lot of videos, Photoshop or heavy games, this will not work for you.

It works well for Windows Movie Maker users. It can play light games or games released in the early 2000s.

This laptop is intended for casual users only, but it can be used safely when using other programs.


I used Adobe elements for video editing. Yes, it is! This is the best computer on which you can use it. But it really can be used on this laptop, even if it is not your idea to use such a program.

However, if your budget is limited and you do not mind the laptop taking longer to manage all tasks, do it.


The keyboard and mouse pad are like butter. I like to write about it. I typed on several 11.6-inch laptops, but I had problems, but there was no problem with it.

The keyboard that is great for the money you’re paying. The keys are reasonably spaced, easy to set up, and typed on this computer.

The touchpad is nothing to write about, but it’s fine. The strength of this machine is that it is worth the money and gives you great performance.


The multimedia technology integrated circuits under the hood is extraordinarily capable of performing everyday tasks like surfing the internet or writing.

Compared to similar Intel products, ARM chips are better at running Android applications, and even games like Graveyard keeper perform well.


Chromebooks have become more expensive recently, but the Lenovo C 330 totally disregards this tendency. This is one of the best Chromebook for under $300.

This Chromebook, the C 330 is an affordable computer made entirely of plastic. However, the device still has a nice and sturdy design.


There are plenty of ports and buttons on the side, including a USB charging port. However, you don’t have to use it often as the C 330’s battery life is very long as Lenovo easily got 9 hours in my testing.


The 11.6-inch display that is good, but not too keen or too bright. It can also be turned upside down for use as a tablet.


I wasn’t particularly impressed with the touch response, but ignoring that the speakers make it a good device for watching videos.


In short, in terms of price, the Lenovo Chromebook C 330 is one of the best Chromebooks you can buy with a retail price of $ 292.

Dual core laptop processor2.4GHz
Hard Disk64Gb
Screen Size11.6 inch
RAM (expandable)4 GB
Graphics Card‎PowerVR SGX543
Battery Time9 Hours


  • Fair price for available features
  • Perfect for gaming purpose only few games
  • Full-size SD Card reader
  • Compatible with available Google apps


  • No backlighting on the keyboard
  • Graphics card is not powerful for modern games


Our Pick
  • Battery Life: 15 hours
  • Processors: 8
  • OS: Chrome
  • MediaTek
  • Graphics: Integrated
  • Purpose: Business and personal
HP chromebook best affordable laptop

This laptop wins your child’s day while it’s not only great for games play but use it as a higher school student.

It supports OS operating system and Google play store for downloading apps or games.

Viewing the reviews it’s observed that 90% of the reviews are positive.


Good to use for general work browsing, emailing and other random things. Perfectly made for outdoor buddies to carry it anywhere as it weighs equal to an average book.


The 720p camera connects you with friends or organizing online meetings enjoying high resolution.

Transferring documents from word processors and camera applications to the SD card is easy to do.


Being solid and long battery life are the main advantages. Don’t worry about the price being cheap the battery life is what it is described by the manufacturer.

Depending on your work situation, you get more than 15 hours without plug in to charging. The charger is quick takes less than two hours to charge from 0-100%.

It’s pretty comfortable that the USB ports on either side allow you to charge. So if you have a left or right jack, you can plug the cable directly into the Chromebook.

You’re not bound to carry charger with you while you are on the go. If you are not sure when you will be back, you can borrow a USB cable from someone and charge it.


The screen is bright, and there are USB-C and 3.0 ports. The white body is very beautiful and gorgeous!

The 11.6 inch screen is enough to watch videos and read messages.

The only downside I observed is that it takes 1or1 in a half seconds to play full screen videos on Youtube which is not disturbing any way.


Connect it with external DVD drive to play offline stuffs. Extendable memory lets you done heavy work.


The keyboard size is normal and snuggly typing up holding two hands on it. Most keys are in the expected position.

The chances of making typing mistakes are lesser. The dedicated Chrome key does not obstruct.


Don’t be scared while carrying it outside the way as the plastic body is generally solid. It’s impressive to charge it using your mobile phone charger while not in use.


The operating system is flexible and natural. If you are not happy with Chrome OS converting to Windows system is not hard.

Hard Disk eMMC32GB
HD Display11.6 inch
Graphics card integratedOcta-core CPU
USB Ports2
Warranty1 Year
Weight2.36 pounds


  • Touchscreen
  • Convertible
  • Bluetooth
  • Battery life 2 days almost when doing office work


  • The screen opens to 135 degrees not 180
  • Had to restart when goes sleep for long timen


Our Pick
  • CPU: Intel
  • Processor count: 4
  • Average Battery life: 13 Hours
  • Color: White
  • 1-Year free subscription for Office 365
HP stream laptop 11.6 the best and cheap laptop for game under 300

After purchasing it requires a little customization to set it up all. This is highly recommended for students and gamers.


This compact laptop is not the best choice for those whole love to play more heavy games than Super Mario, Roblox, Sims 4, or Minecraft.

HP has targeted this laptop to consumers looking for affordable products that can be used by entrepreneurs, businessmen, students, teachers, marketers, freelancers, copywriters, and often dealing with various documents, willing to do most of the work on the Internet, love to work outdoors, regularly create presentations, insert text and travel frequently.

This computer is not designed for high-quality software or video games with high-quality graphics.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to give the children the opportunity to perform their normal activities like homework, 720p HD video streaming, or play light games, etc.  


You can play games, but in some scenes, the frame rate will drop to 16-20 frames per second. For a better experience, remember to also lower the settings when installing the Optifine plugin.

Frame rate issues only occur in high-intensity scenes. However, for the rest of the game, you can expect 30 to 35 frames per second.


A single charge gives you 12 hours of battery life and one day is enough to use it without charging.


This HP laptop is very light and compact, weighing just 1.5 kg and less than 17 millimeters thick. It may be so simple that you won’t even notice it in your backpack.


The energy-efficient processor and small screen is great. The screen is 11.6 inches long and has a high breathing density, nearly 190 pixels per inch.

Crazy thing: I believe it is 25% sharper than the 11-inch MacBook Air screen. Why put such a screen on an 11-inch laptop when the budget is tight?


It is equipped with Quad-core Celeron, 4000 processors, and 4 GB of DDR4 RAM. Running the pre-installed Windows 10s is enough to complete tasks like write articles, create and publish presentations, complete and create assignments.

You can also switch from windows 10s mode to windows 10. WIFI signals are pretty fast to connect.

This may take some space after installing Windows 10 and system files. You have approximately 15 GB of space left to store applications and documents.

I recommend storing larger media files in an external Micro SD card slot for better memory management.

This laptop’s flash memory is faster than a standard 5400 rpm hard drive, has a faster boot time, and the overall system responsiveness is acceptable.

Surprisingly it comes with 1 year free subscription to Microsoft Office 365. It’s quite fast for what it’s paid for.

It can run adobe Photoshop for photo editing. Heavy work depends on the software you use.  


Thanks for its beautiful and attractive appearance.The design and manufacturing quality of HP Stream 11.6 laptop is actually very good. It doesn’t look like a cheap laptop at all.

It is not as flexible as other cheap laptops. The interior is also impressive. The flexibility of the keyboard is minimal. Overall, this is well-designed

The 11.6 inches screen is good to read on the internet or watch videos. The Hard extendable for extra storage space.


In my opinion, this is the best and cheap gaming laptop under 300 Dollars and performance is well in terms of it’s price. It is the competitor of other high-rated laptops.

This comes with the right Intel Celeron processor, which can handle many daily applications such as Microsoft Office, HD video streaming and Web browsing.

The keyboard is great, and the screen is great for cheap laptops. You will also get longer battery life Plus as a reward for purchasing this laptop, you will also get a free one-year subscription to Microsoft 365.

Hard Disk32 GB
Processor1 GHz Quad Core
HD Display size11.6″
Weight1.8 KG


  • 1 Year free Office 365 subscriptionn
  • Slim body
  • Ability to turn off Windows 10s mode
  • Good for students


  • No ethernet port just wireless connection
  • No touch screenn
  • Actually not best for gaming


Our Pick
  • Graphics card: ‎Intel UHD Graphics 600
  • Processor turbo boost: up to 2.6 GHz
  • Graphics description: Dedicated
  • Purpose of use: Gaming
  • 2.0 Ports: 2
  • 3.0 Ports: 2
Asus Vivobook cheap gaming laptop under $300

There are over 770 ratings most of which are positive. You can buy a back-to-school laptop for more than half the price, which is great.


The laptop is definitely super awesome in terms of price, portability, and functioning. Do not mind 32 GB eMMC storage expansion with micro SD Card is an available option supporting up to 250 GB. This is not an ordinary hard drive, but a very small hard drive.

It has turbo boost. Therefore, if you use a program or something that requires a bit of CPU power, it will increase turbo to 2.6 Ghz. This gives you the extra performance you need to do things well.


This comes with security restriction using Windows 10 s. No frustration while switching to Windows 10 mode.


Since some companies charge thousands of bucks for a lightweight laptop, I’m not sure why this might not impress you.


The battery time is super and lasts long up to 12 hours. High-priced computer feeling dripping from it for its operations.


All the basic things to be done with it like browsing, watching videos, photo editing or playing light games. You’ll notice no buffering while watching even 4k videos.  

This is not the best laptop for multitasking. I noticed a lot of people complaints about noT opening multiple tabs at the same time.

It wasn’t until you hit about 10 tabs and you’ll find that the laptop is running slowly, but on such a small device, this is enough.

You can write articles while streaming music, and you can also open research tabs for almost everything.

This is what you get.

So, if you are looking for a cheap laptop under $300 to meet all the basic tasks I mentioned, then this is a good laptop for you.


Quality look is another good part of it. It has a solid body although everything is made of plastic. It makes you capable to play light games like storyshift.  

The display quality is pretty high. You might suppose it to be a perfect tablet with quality keyboard.

The material is smooth and the cheap feel is not brittle. The properties are small but enough for homework.

The two slim speakers on the back look good and sounds well.

It has a faster USB port, an HDMI, and a USB-C port. Now you’ll be a little surprised, especially because many cheap laptops don’t have an upgraded USB-C port, but this port is really useful.


In terms of speed, it’s fast. Some people say it’s not that fast, but you should think it’s a small memory speed of 2.6GHz. It allows you to put all your programs and run them.


Well, something that disappoints me: this one does not have an SD card connector, it has a micro SD card connector, which of course is disappointing.

It does not have the CD or DVD drive expected of a small laptop, but some measures can be taken to solve these problems.


You can do whatever you want with it, be a little more mobile, do things with family and friends. You can play games, homework or office work.

Storage64 GB
Processor2.6 GHz core 2 duo
Screen Size11.6
Battery Hours12
Weight2.2 Pounds
OSWindows 10 s


  • Full-sized and very lightweight
  • One HDMI and two USB port
  • Good resolutionn
  • Fast speed for the price


  • Low storage but extendable
  • No upgradation of RAM
  • No touch screen

HP INTEL CORE I3 LAPTOP Cheap GamingLaptop Under $400

Our Pick
  • Purpose of use: Gaming
  • Graphics: Integrated
  • Processor: Core i3 dual core
  • Color: Natural Silver
  • Generation: 10th
  • USB Ports: 3
HP core i3 cheap gaming laptop under 400

A look at the specifications shows that this laptop is ready for everyday use. Its specifications are not the highest on the market, but they are sufficient for multitasking, gaming, and other research work.


Let be utter clear whether you’re on the go or at home the last long battery supports you to utilize for a long time.

This laptop is designed for a long battery life of up to 10 hours. It also has a fast charge feature, so you can charge the full battery in half an hour.


This brand new laptop is at least the test case we have and is supported by the Intel Core i3 processor.

This is an entry-level product in terms of specifications. What sets the HP 14 core i3 apart, or the main reason for buying this laptop, is that it has a beautiful design and a slim body.

If you look through Amazon this is listed in gaming category and a good rated laptop.

The RAM comes with 4 GB plenty for playing games like Roblox, Minecraft or other medium frequency games.

You can play high-definition movies or games. In cheap laptops, you usually won’t find a combination that can increase the value of this portable device.

For HP low-cost gaming laptops with its own series, HP core i3 14” is a good choice. If you are looking for a budget option, this is a good choice.


This is a 14-inch laptop with the latest 10 generation and the refurbished laptop is currently on sale for $55 off the current price.

It’s usable, looks new, and is backed by Amazon’s renewed warranty. Now you got two options on this product either to buy brand new at $420 or renewed laptop for $365.


In addition, if you want to use it to work at home, this laptop comes with a 720p Full HD True Vision front camera integrated with digital microphones which is perfect for video calling.  


The dimensions of this laptop are also remarkable. It is only 1.79 cm thick and weighs about 3.24 pounds, making it easy to take with you.

Plus, by installing the default Windows 10 Home OS, you can be sure that once you get it, you’re good to go.


128 GB SSD storage is enough to meet your price, and you can download many programs, such as MS.Office, Photoshop, or video editing software.

The image quality is good with resolution 1366 x 768 pixels.


Although, the graphics card is very limited and not suitable for high-end video gaming but its best and cheap gaming laptop for games made for low-end graphics.

SSD Storage128 GB
Processor3.4 GHz Core i3
Screen Size14″
Battery Time12 Hours


  • Backlit keyboard
  • Slim body
  • 10th Generation
  • Fast processor


  • RAM is not expendable
  • Not for high frequency games like Pubg


Our Pick
  • Purpose of Use: Gaming
  • Chromebook
  • Graphics: integrated ‎Intel UHD Graphics 600
  • Processor: Dual Core up to 2.6 GHz
  • Color: Ceramic White
  • Multimedia card
  • Processors: 2
HP chromebook 14 inch cheap gaming laptop under 300

With 4.6 out of 5 rated this cheap gaming laptop under $300 could be your next choice.  

This reputable brand comes with great features and is expected to become your long life partner.

This is HP’s new, reasonably priced Chromebook, with all the features a Chromebook can provide. This includes browsing the Internet as well as Android and Linux applications.

For this price I thought it’s a great computer with substantial features.

In affordable laptops like this, when running many Android and Linux applications, memory may be limited.

However, for normal use of the Chromebook, it should work normally.


The good point is its stylish model which you can shift to other places easily. The processing is fast, it got no stuck while watching videos on internet.

We tested YouTube and played 1080p videos to see if any frames were dropped. Sure, the laptop scaled the video down to 720p, but when it started it didn’t drop any frames while it was playing.

But everything went smoothly after the video played.


It is equipped with an Intel processor. We have a 14-inch display, but it runs at 1366 x 768 pixels, which is essentially a 720p display.

This means that it is not a 1080p display, so the display resolution is not as good as on more expensive laptops of this size.

It looks more like the TN display we usually see on low-cost laptops. Again, it is not as good as high-priced product, but I think it is reasonably priced.


Many reviewers talked about the Wifi setup hurdles but it is clearly described to log in guest mode first for setting it up.  


The keyboard is absolutely what you expect. The touchpad is great, but if you play games, you will of course use a mouse.

This is the default layout of Chrome OS. However, the advantage of this keyboard is that it has a backlight function, so you can see it in the dark, which is great on a cheap machine like this.

It has a nice large touchpad, which is sensitive and pleasant to the touch.


The color realism is excellent. It’s like this laptop is made for gaming or schooling. Nice clear screen, good sound, and big speakers.

This is a completely fanless laptop, very attractive, it does not make any noise. Although it is plastic, but it looks sturdy and high quality. But this is actually linked to the price.


What I really like is that it has USB Type-C. It has one on the left and one on the right. These are full USB-C ports. This is the way to charge your laptop, but in addition to connecting USB devices, you can also use an external monitor.

We tried it to a 4k monitor. Using USB-C, we can drive the display at 4k at 30Hz or 30FPS.

This seems to be the maximum resolution it supports, but you can also run a 1080p monitor at 60FPS.

Next to the USB Type-C port is a micro SD card slot, which can be used to expand the onboard storage and store movies, media, etc.


The webcam quality of the camera is not very good, but it has a good wide-angle lens. Therefore, when a lot of people gather in front of the laptop to make a family call, you’ll all appear on the camera without getting together.


HP estimates that the battery life is about 13 hours. I think you will approach this in the real world. We checked the life of this battery.

If you are using the basics of dimming the display and surfing the Internet most of the time, you will definitely be close to 13 hour.

However, if you run Android games or perform some high-performance Linux tasks that require heavy use of the CPU, the total battery life will naturally decrease. But if you stick to the basics, you will work all day easily.


We have an easy-to-use headphone jack. Therefore, if you want to improve the sound quality of some headphones, you can also use Bluetooth.

If you want to buy a cheap Chromebook, you won’t find a better of this.


But as usual, not all laptops are perfect, the main problem encountered is that the brightness and contrast are too high, which makes people uncomfortable. You might need it to be in night mode to use.

Processor2.6 GHz
Weight3.2 Pounds


  • Backlit keyboard
  • Long battery life
  • Slim laptop
  • 4.6 rating


  • Too Brightness
  • No touchscreenn


Our Pick
  • Use for: Gaming
  • Made for: Long play
  • Grapics card: integrated
  • Display: WEL(1366×768)
  • Processor: AMD Dual-Core up to 2.5GHz
HP chromebook 180 degree swivel cheap gaming laptop under 300


If you are interested in things that cost around $150-200, such as gifts for children or teenagers, then this laptop is perfect for you.

One of the biggest differences between Chromebooks and Windows laptops is restrictions. Basically, if you want to edit images or need a Windows-based video editing program, you cannot use Photoshop on this laptop.

In most cases, they are just for browsing the web using Google Docs and all Android apps from your phone.

Of course, there’s the Play Store, Google Docs, and more.


The eye-catching design of this laptop is accented with a cool chalkboard gray color that looks great.

This laptop is plastic made. I didn’t expect anything better than this, but don’t be fooled. This is really good plastic.

The 180 degree hinge is more flexible.  

On the one hand, there are USB Type A and USB Type C, a media card reader its 3.5mm port.

Just in case, if you want to connect your headphones to the other side, there’s another USB Type-c. You can charge your laptop via USB Type-C and use it on both sides.


The keyboard with bubblegum style keys is big, nothing really excites you. It feels good like all other good laptops.

For those laptop lovers who don’t want to bring an additional keyboard with you to use it like a tablet, this is a simple, affordable and stylish choice.

This model does not come with a touch screen facility, so you need a keyboard to use it. You can easily scroll by swiping with two fingers.

The width of the keys are slightly wider but it’s not a big deal and you can use easily.

The only drawback is that there is no backlight on the keyboard. You may expect it on other models but for the current price of $150 it’s a win win choice.

Another problem that you may unlike is that there is no delete key.


This is the best Chromebook for under $300. If you’re not an expert on these things, so anyone can deceive you. With that in mind, I felt it simple, easy to use and feels like a great value device.

Many thanks to HP for creating this wonderful device!

If you are looking for something simple with no frills, this is a good buy at the price.

The screen resolution is quite commensurate with the price of this device.


The loudspeaker is in front and the sound is sweet. Don’t expect blown sound Chris, but it sounds very clear.

If you are in the habit of using Headphones, do not ignore the pre-built speakers they are great to hear.

Storage32 GB
Operating SystemChrome
Processor2.2 GHz Dual Core


  • Digital media car reader
  • Small and thin
  • Play Prodigy game, etcn
  • Screen quality good


  • No delete key
  • No caps lock key

Is It Good To Buy Cheap Gaming Laptop Under 300 Dollars?

It’s nearly impossible to find a super cheap gaming laptop these days. If you understand what you need and prepared to make sacrifices to get it, the price can actually be lower. When buying a cheap gaming laptop, the operating system should be considered first. Windows 8.1 and 10 need better hardware than Chromebooks.

Processor is an important part while buying cheap gaming laptop under 300 dollars. It is the unit that provide performance. The faster the processor, the faster the computer will be.

Gaming laptops can range from $200 to 2000 or more. This may look like a great laptop to be proud of in the end. Keep in mind that cheap gaming laptops are less useful for high-frequency games, but there is still some hope.

Let me say clearly, you don’t need a $1000 or $1500 laptop to play games. All you need is a good $300 gaming laptop with a real internet connection and cloud gaming services.

When it comes to gaming laptops, keep in mind that not everyone has gold reserves and is willing to spend a lot of $ to buy a laptop. If you look at a laptop for less than $300, you can see that the Intel Celeron is very high and the performance is low.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good gaming laptop under $300. There are several laptops that work well for games like Factorio, Roblox, Super Mario, etc.

How to Buy Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under $300

Are you looking for a budget gaming laptop under $300?

If you plan to spend less than $300 on your new laptop, you need to look for other machines that sell for this price.

Therefore, you would like to know if these laptops are really able to use all the functions.

In the highly competitive laptop market, several new models appear every week.

Every model comes with different offers and specs therefore, it’s hard to know which laptop to buy especially if you’re not techy person.

However, for those with a limited budget, there’s a still chance to get best gaming laptop under 300 dollars.

In fact, just five to six months after release, all new high-quality models experience significant price reductions.

This creates an opportunity to buy high performance laptops at low prices.

Keep in mind the following before buying a computer

  • Make a preliminary assessment of your needs and the goals you will use this laptop.
  • Do not pay attention to the ads by this brand, it just confuses you.
  • Always choose your favorite hardware industry and the best device for your need.

What to Consider Before Buying a Cheap Gaming Laptop?

There are many gaming laptops on the market, but to choose the best one for you this is a comprehensive guide.


The first thing to consider when buying a gaming laptop is design. What size of laptop do you actually like 15, or 17 inch?

The 15-inch laptop is easy to carry and lightweight. The advantage of portability is that you can always carry your gaming laptop with you.

The advantage of a 17-inch laptop is that you get more screen space, a desktop alternative, and a larger case.

It comes with a better cooling and more storage slots to increase the overall storage size of the device.

You should not really care about the ports anymore. Most gaming laptops have the right ports.


In general, the three features of a gaming laptop are expandable Storage, RAM, and a Wi-Fi card. This is an important factor because if you want to buy cheap gaming laptop with lowest specs, then upgrades things along the way.

If you are interested in 15-inch gaming laptop, you might have 2 or 3 spots, but usually 1 or 2 on average.

2-3 on a 17-inch gaming laptop, sometimes there are even four spots for storage.


Today, most high-end and mid-range gaming laptops have dual-channel memory. This is important because it improves performance.

If you bought a cheap gaming laptop, you may currently only has one. If so, buy a second stick in the market and fix it inside to improve the performance of your laptop. Most gaming laptops can increase RAM from 32GB to 64GB.


The time has come to upgrade your house to Wifi 6. Trust me, it makes a big difference in terms of
Coverage and speed.

Some gaming laptops don’t come with Wi-Fi 6 card, so if you can upgrade it, your Wi-Fi capabilities can withstand the challenges of the times.


This is also an important factor. If you find a laptop with only one built-in fan, don’t buy it because it will overheat and malfunction.

When you look at a laptop with two fans on one side, it works fine, but it overheats. Obviously, there is something good, but it really is the quality that you need.

The fans that are opposite to each other inside the laptop are good to go with because the heat pipe passes through its center.

In general, it is undesirable for the GPU and CPU to share all heat pipes. Some kind of separation is required, which is likely to improve thermal resistance.


The display is also very important because we want to take advantage of the new refresh rate display that is currently available. The sweet spots in 2021 and early 2022 are typically 144Hz.

If you buy a 15 inch gaming laptop, it is 144Hz Full HD IPS. Most of these midrange panels have excellent color accuracy, premium gaming experience and, most importantly, the 144Hz spot you need.

Ideally, you don’t want to focus on 4k gaming because you want the graphics card to be fast enough to deliver a frame rate of 144Hz. If you need 4K, you have a 15-inch laptop but most of them are at 60 Hertz and the gameplay is not the same so you will probably hurt if you go this route.

If you need 4k buy up to 17 inches, because there are several laptops that offer 4k 120Hz.


I may not pay much attention to this because every gaming laptop you buy will be very noisy when you play.

The fan uses it to keep it cool. It just flooded the speakers on those laptops. Since headsets bring more value than laptop speakers, therefore, focus on buying high quality gaming headsets.


In my opinion, for a laptop keyboard is the main thing to consider while buying it especially for gaming laptop.

This is what your hands communicate to move the character. In general, you need a gaming keyboard with good spaces between the keys. I definitely want to be at least 2 centimeters.


This is not important to me, because playing games involves connecting an external mouse to the computer. However, if you want to improve work efficiency in school, remember the touchpad should made of glass and big enough.

Ideally, you want it to look like a piece of glass, not real buttons, and make sure that the exact same Windows drivers are being used.


When it comes to performance I think that’s the basis for a lot of people to buy a product. The most important thing for games is the GPU. Getting the latest i5 or i7, depending on the GPU.

It is possible that some people can’t afford to upgrade to 1650, but when you get 1660 TI you can play most of the high standard games freely at 1080p.

You can still use VR, it’s not as good as RTX cards, but if you want RTX 2060 to be a better choice. If you’re looking for high performance gaming I might skip RTX 2080 and choose RTX 2070. I think it offers the best value for high performance gaming.

Bottom line

The performance of Laptops with less than $ 300 is low. Don’t let that scare you. Above all, you can perform tasks well, but not as fast as a high-end computer!

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  1. Have looked through all of them and the collection for best gaming laptop under 300 dollars is based on the reviews by the buyers. I for myself chose the Acer ChromeBook 15.6″ which is great in speed and screen size. 90% of reviews are being positive and everyone is happy with it and so I am too. I bought it for my kid both for game play and school homework, it worked perfect so far. Since by using it 8 months no complaint I can say.
    Conclusion: It’s an affordable gaming laptop give the feeling of high priced machine.

  2. I am love to HP laptops they are reliable company. Since after being used my old laptop for almost 3 years I decided to buy new one. I do play games at extra time so I came across the above list to find the best budget gaming laptops and get one for me. No doubt all of them are high rated and cheap gaming laptops under 300 dollars. The best part is that I can use them for online classes, online meetings, browsing for my research papers, and some times video editing.
    Will soon choose one of the above.
    Thanks for sharing this list.

  3. Half of my day spends over video gaming as of finishing the exam. I am in love playing light games. Having best budget gaming laptop is part of every student that loves gaming. You’ll never regret choosing one from the above. I look through them one by one. All of them are worth buying and affordable too.

  4. I was looking for a cheap gaming laptop under $300 for my kid as he is in 4th grade. Most of time he spends over gaming and do also programming as homework. I bought HP intel core i3 laptop listed above which in my opinion is one of the best laptop for limited budget.


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