Best Gaming Laptops Under 600 Dollars

We all have our favorite games. Whether we love the story line or the graphics, it is important to find a gaming laptop that will not limit your experience of those games. You can’t always afford to buy a new one every time you want a better game, but luckily there are some great options out there and we’re going to explore a best gaming laptop under 600 dollars!

I have been playing games since I was a little kid. I played every single gameboy color and advanced system Nintendo had to offer, the Sony PlayStation, the Nintendo 64, and even some of the original Xbox games systems.

Lately, though I have spent my gaming time with more modern consoles such as PlayStation 3 (PS3), PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox 360 (X360), and Xbone.

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Brand  Gaming Capability Graphics Warranty Price
ACER ASPIRE 5 Best Rx Vega 10 1-Year Check Price
LENOVO IDEAPAD Best GeForce GTX 1650 1-Year Check Price
ASUS VIVOBOOK Best RX Vega 10 1-Year Check Price
ASUS 15.6″ Best AMD RADEON R7 1 Year Check Price

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What To Look For When Buying a Gaming Laptop Under 600?

When buying a $600 gaming laptop for yourself or someone else there are things that you think about before making your decision.

For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when trying to figure out which gaming laptop is right for their budget is the graphics card.

Another thing that would be important to consider is RAM and screen size.

The best way to play games is with a gaming laptop. Laptops offer many benefits that desktops cannot, such as portability and convenience of being able to take it wherever you go!

However, laptops are not without their drawbacks- the most important one being battery life which will be an issue if playing for hours on end in public places.

To make your experience much smoother when purchasing a gaming notebook there are some things you can do:


Get a good graphics card: Most game performance depends on this. The best gaming laptops are those with the highest-end graphics cards.

If you want a laptop that will play games at high settings for years, then make sure to get a good GPUs when shopping around because they cannot be upgraded in laptops like most other components.

A good graphics card is usually found in more expensive models with higher price tags. There are very few best gaming laptops under 600 that come with a good/mid GPU.

Since you’re looking for $600 gaming laptop and the fact is that you’ll get the mid-range GPU. These budget gaming laptops listed here are based on their graphics card.


The speed of your gaming laptop is worth taking into consideration because with a lot of power comes a lot of heat.

The faster processor speeds will cause the fans in your computer to work overtime, keeping things cool can be difficult and usually ends up at high electric bills over time.

Computer manufacturers have many ways to deal with this problem, such as direct contact cooling and heat pipes.

Heat pipes use the metal of the laptop itself to draw away excess heat from the processor and graphics card.

If you want a faster gaming machine without breaking your electric bill or having an overworked computer fan that will eventually break down, then consider getting a gaming laptop with lower power consumption processors or even just a more efficient graphics processing unit.

RAM & Storage

Large amounts of RAM are also a great feature in a laptop for gaming. It’s much better than doing without when it comes to gaming on your laptop because there are many games out there that need lots of memory.

8 GB is enough for most games. With a higher RAM, you’ll get a more smooth gaming experience.

If you’re a gamer, then I have one piece of advice for you: Get the fastest SSD possible. Your laptop will be more efficient and responsive with an NVMe PCIe drive than if it had SATA III or any other type of storage medium.

The only downside of getting an expensive PCE NVME drive is its price tag but as long as you have enough money for one then there’s no reason not to get this type of hard drive because they are very fast at loading up volumes while doing less damage than HDD drives do overtime.

Consider upgrading the RAM and storage later after purchase or immediately if budget permits.

Memory Capacity

Memory is also a very important aspect when you’re looking for a new gaming laptop.

You need to make sure that your potential laptop has enough memory capacity to run whatever games you want it to play, but also have some extra room for multitasking and even future additions like more RAM or an external hard drive.

Some manufacturers offer the option of expanding RAM capacity in your laptop after purchase, but be careful as larger amounts of operating memory generally lead to pricier upgrades.

USB Ports

The more USB ports the better in my opinion! It can be difficult connecting all your peripherals without running out so having as many as possible makes life easier.

If you don’t have room for a large amount of USB ports it might be wise to get a docking station for your laptop so you don’t have to keep moving stuff around.


Audio is another very important aspect, the higher quality your audio the richer and sharper your games will sound.

If you’re not going to use headphones make sure that there’s at least one good set of speakers or some kind of soundbar included in your laptop.

It doesn’t matter what genre or type of game you’re playing, good audio can always enhance it and bring you deeper into the game experience.

Comfort is Key – Screen Size & Quality

The term comfort when it comes to laptops can be subjective because some people think bigger screens are better while others prefer screens that they can take outdoors without them taking up too much space.

If all you want is a portable machine that has enough power for small local LAN competitions then screen size might be the least of your concerns.

Even though gaming laptops are already made with portability in mind, some models might still be heavier or bulkier than you would like.

The good thing is that many manufacturers include features such as tablet docks these days to make carrying them around on long trips a breeze.

Choose resolution vs speed depending whether fast response time is more important than high resolutions for larger screens like 4K displays with lower framerate speeds but better display quality at higher refresh rates.

The Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 Bucks

If you are trying to find the best gaming laptop under 600 dollars, then you are in the right place because we provide a list of best gaming laptops under $600 for you to choose from and all these gaming laptops are tested by us and listed on this page after the complete testing process so that no other person can cheat your money by selling low-quality device on you.

So here we go; let’s look at some best laptops for gaming purposes under 600 dollars one by one:

Please Note: Budget gaming laptops, $600 or less, like what you will find on this page, may not have the best specs available but they are still good enough for a little fun in between your bigger purchases of consoles and handhelds.

Acer Aspire 5 – Slim Gaming Laptop Under $600

Acer Aspire 5 Best Gaming Laptop under $600
Specifications  Type
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 3700U
Hard Drive 512GB SSD
Graphics Card RX Vega 10
Image Product Description Price
Acer Aspire 5 best budget gaming laptop under 600 Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under $600 Check Price on Amazon

This is great best gaming laptop under 600 bucks and the best part is that, you don’t have to worry about storage as it has 512GB SSD which makes things easy while playing games or editing videos on it as there’s plenty of space available at all times.

Gaming Performance: Live Test

You can run some newer games like GTA 5 on this laptop at about 40 fps. Pretty good if you are looking for something to play casually, and still look nice while doing so.

You can play even heavy games by upgrading it to 16 GB DDR.

(On Mid and Low settings specified and tested games below):

Games Tested – Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto 5, Valorant, Shadow of the tomb raider, Fortnite.

Battlefield: Low Settings 720p – 30-35 fps

Grand Theft Auto 5: Medium settings at 1080p – 35-40 fps

Valorant: Low Settings played at 144hz display = no noticeable difference in graphics or performance from top-end gaming laptop running at 1080p – 90-100 fps        

Shadow of The Tomb Raider: Medium settings at 720p – 30-35 fps

Fortnite: The most demanding game I play regularly. Low settings at 1080p – 40-45 fps

I wanted to show that you can game on this laptop at med/low settings, and still have a decent frame rate (>40).  

You can play it on ultra settings but you will get <30 fps.

If you are looking for an ultra-portable gaming laptop that is not a super-duper expensive beast (like the razer blade), this should be at the top of your list.  I am really pleasantly surprised by how well this performs, especially with Fortnite.

Recommended Settings: For Best Gaming Experience in  World of Warcraft:

  • Change Resolution to 1080p (Windows Mode)
  • Disable Transparent Garrisons
  • Setting image quality to “high” instead of “ultra” made it only one or two frames slower in our testing.    

Battery life:

It has 65WH battery which might not sound like a lot but this is great for fending off any worries about your next lecture. 

It can last for 6-7 hours of casual usage easily with 100% brightness and full volume.

I used it for watching a movie, listening to some songs while surfing the net for almost 4 hours, and still 15% battery remaining.

Since Acer gave the Acer aspire 5 with an AMD CPU instead of intel’s due to their energy efficiency and lower price (intel CPUs are far more powerful). Acer`s system is optimized for low energy consumption.

HD IPS Display:

The only time I saw a better screen was in the windows store. Also, you can’t get this display on any other laptop for under 600 dollars.

This is an amazing feature to have on a laptop and the fact that it’s IPS makes it even more so. The colors are vibrant and the clarity is something that goes unmatched by most laptops out there.


The price point of this laptop is another driver behind why you should love this laptop so much! You can find it online for $675 on Amazon and it’s great for its price.

I have had people want to fight me over this laptop because of the price point. Many people can’t believe that a laptop this good is priced so low.


The only downfall about this laptop is that you can’t upgrade the graphics card on it.

The lowest setting while playing games will make the fans roar. It’s not unbearable but those who are sensitive to sound might have an issue with it.

Final Words:

If you want a great looking computer that works fast with minor issues then I would highly recommend Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop.

  • Keyboard and display is awesome
  • Unbelievable specs in terms of price
  • Graphic card is enough to play games
  • Backlit keyboard
  • High resolution
  • Fast speed
  • Quality HD Webcam (1280 x 720)
  • Fan slightly make noise
  • Available SSD is 488GB

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Lenovo IdeaPad L340 – Best Gaming Laptop Under 600

Lenovo IdeaPad Best Gaming Laptop With  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics
Specifications  Type
Processor 9th Gen Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz
Storage 256GB SSD PCIe
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
Image Product Description Price More Details
Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Best budget gaming laptop Specially designed for gaming purposes with powerful graphics, worth value for its price. $704.80 Check on Amazon

Note: If you didn’t see the price on Amazon for this product, it is because they have implemented a recent change to its terms. If the seller has not buy box, Amazon will not show the price as every product has usually on the right top side.

First I hesitated to list this one because the price was not showing (at the time I was writing this) but what I was fascinated by is its NVIDIA GenForce GTX 1650 Graphics. And this laptop is specially designed for gaming. Usually you’ll not get NVIDIA graphic under this price.

You can check the price by clicking “See All Buying Options” button.

About Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming Laptop:

This is what you’ve been waiting for. No more searching and hunting, this thing has it all rolled into one with a powerful GPU on top of everything!

This power house not only comes in a good budget, but also has an extremely fast processor dedicated video card to make gaming as smooth and lag-free as possible.

Finding a computer that has everything you are looking for might seem like an impossible task. But, you are in luck, I am more than confident in saying it is possible to find one within your budget!

Lenovo Ideal Specs:

For people looking to get a powerful computer on the cheap, there are few choices as good and affordable as this one.

With Intel core i5 processor running at 2.3GHz that can turbo up to 3.3 GHz respectively when needed along side 8GB of DDR4 memory you’ve got yourself a winner in my book!

There is roomy storage capacity to extent it from 256 GB up to 1 TB HDD.

Sure, these things won’t be able to compete against those more expensive models as far as speed goes–but who can afford them when they cost over two thousand dollars?

For everyone else: snag yourself a deal now before it’s gone!

Dedicated Graphics:

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 is a laptop-friendly graphics card that will allow you to play modern and demanding games at your desired resolution with medium detail settings.

This is a great laptop for most modern games, and the entry-level configuration should be sufficient enough to run even newer titles smoothly.

This unit also handles older less demanding AAA titles with ease; it can handle 2K video at 60+ FPS on moderate graphics settings!

Rise of the Tomb Raider has been a popular game since it was released in 2016. With so many new games coming out, we wanted to know what happens when you play an old favorite on your brand-new laptop with all its bells and whistles?

Rise of the Tomb Raider is a game that can be played on many different settings, but it still outperforms Far Cry 5 in most categories.

It’s possible to play Rise of the Tomb Raider at 1080p with 97 fps for Normal and 81 when set to Ultra.

This graphics card is a low-end option for users who want to play most demanding games on their laptop seamlessly. It offers 896 or 1024 shaders, depending on the model you buy, and an HD resolution of 1920x1080p.

Keyboard & Trackpad

The keyboard is a joy to use. It features an exterior that’s so sleek and attractive. The backlighting feature comes on automatically when in low light or darkness which makes typing much easier!

Additionally, there is numpad for all your special needs when working with spreadsheets or data.

The touchpad can be clicked but has no buttons, so if you enjoy clicking it repeatedly as I do this may not work for you.

  • Backlit keyboard
  • Tested for gaming, runs most games smoothly
  • Loud audio
  • Comes with numpad, good to work on documents
  • Video editing and use photoshop
  • Good battery life for normal usage
  • Fastest enough to play Sim 4 like a game
  • Not very heavy as other gaming laptops are
  • No buttons on trackpad
  • Not support 4k display
  • Battery life is short while gaming

Asus Vivobook – Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics, Best Gaming Laptop

Asus Vivobook best gaming laptop under 600
Specifications  Type
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 3700U
Hard Drive 512GB PCIe SSD
Graphics Card AMD Radeon RX Vega 10
Image Product Description Price
Asus Vivobook Best Gaming Laptop under $600 with Good Graphics This takes 3rd position in best gaming laptop under 600 dollars. Check Price on Amazon

It should be noted that this laptop has good specifications that’s why a little bit expensive than $600. You may take it into consideration if you want something great.


The VivoBook 15 is a workhorse of a laptop that’s not going to win any beauty prizes, but it will get the job done. It’s also surprisingly stylish.

And like those old faithful jeans that you can never seem to ditch even when they’re worn out and stained from years on construction sites or paint jobs in your garage, this computer may be long overdue for an upgrade.

But don’t let its plain exterior fool you: It’s got some hidden surprises!

The VivoBook 15 is a sleek, stylish laptop that would be perfect for traveling. You can carry it with you while going from the office to dinner with ease and still look great doing so.


The Asus VivoBook 15 isn’t the best laptop for gaming, but it can still play some games. It achieves this by using a relatively underpowered AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 GPU.

It can run Quake Champions at high settings of 1080p. Some other games were also tested on it like CS:GO and Lead of Legends which played well on medium settings.

It performs solidly despite being less powerful than discrete graphics cards in other laptops such as NVidia’s GeForce 1070Ti series or even their latest RTX line.


This is really impressive considering that most other brands are charging twice as much just for one model with similar specs!

If you’re looking at getting a laptop on an extremely tight budget but want some good viewing experience along with your features then Asus has got what you need.

Powerful performance coupled with colorful visuals which make watching videos all day long both enjoyable.

The anti-glare touch panel captures color very nicely when you take into consideration the price point.


It has some quirks, like the keyboard is different from what I am used to and the keys are not lit, which makes them difficult to use in dim lighting.

The letters are difficult to see and the keys themselves are un-comfortable on your fingers which make it hard for you to type correctly.

It works well for games but if writing long papers then this machine may not work out.

The power adapter has one of those “MAC-like” designs, but it’s different than all other ones because its plug points downward instead of straight out like most others do which makes it half as goofy looking.


The Asus VivoBook 15 is the perfect laptop for people who are always on Zoom.

The 720p HD webcam will provide you with amazing quality and color, as well as enhanced performance in low-light conditions that most laptops can’t match.

Most laptops do not offer a great deal of control with their built-in webcams, this is expected and nothing out of the ordinary.

Whether or not you’re looking for a quality camera, there are plenty of external webcams that can be plugged in and used instead. The best thing about this laptop’s cam it doesn’t require any additional software!

  • RX vega 10 graphics can run many games
  • Perfect for video editing as well
  • Upgradable memory
  • Build quality is great
  • Excellent RAM, Processor, and Storage
  • Small bazels with shap LED screen
  • Overall excellent performance
  • Also recommended for students and office use
  • No Backlit keyboard
  • Keyboard itself is not so awesome due to grey keys
  • Price is not under 600 now, slightly expensive

ASUS 15.6″ – Budget Gaming Laptop With AMD Radeon R7 Graphics

Asus 15.6" Gaming Laptop Under $600
Specifications  Type
Processor AMD Quad-core 2.7 GHz Up to 3.6 GHz
Hard Drive 128GB SSD
Graphics Card AMD Radeon R7
Image Product Description Price
Asus Laptop under $600 - Good For Gaming It’s not perfect, but the Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 Dollars in terms of price. Check Price on Amazon

If you want to experience the best brand under $600 based gaming laptop then you should not miss ASUS High-performance series as they are the best for the price range. 

The most notable feature of this device is its crystal-like silver color that looks stunning and when we tested it, found out that it lasts for a long time.

Also, the display is awesome and the response rate of keys is also good enough to play any game at 1080p with high FPS (50+).


Now we will talk about the most important thing which is its performance in real-time scenarios and let me tell you this device is a beast in every aspect.

Higher end processors may not be there but for gamers who want to have a lag-free experience then I think this one is a great option for them even if it doesn’t have an SSD hard drive.

You should give this laptop a try if you are looking for a cheap and best gaming laptop under 600 dollars with high-quality specs and impressive performance.

The processor used here is AMD quade core up to 3.6 GHz which is pretty fast and can be used for gaming.

And by all means, the processor might be a tad bit slow but when we are talking about games like CS Go or Dota 2 which doesn’t require much complicated UI then you won’t face any problem with it.


The graphics card used here is AMD Radeon R7 graphics, a very fine piece of hardware which can generate good quality graphics on its own.  

Some games were tested on this budget gaming laptop like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Grand Theft Auto 5 runs at good fps (around 50+) on high settings.

Asphalt 8 runs around 60+ FPS on average with medium graphics settings.


This Asus high performance laptop comes with 15.6″ screen size which is enough for gaming. Also, the screen resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels is perfect to enjoy movies and play games with best graphics.

Battery Life:

It has a 3 cell battery that gives you 4-5 hours of running time before charging, pretty normal for gaming laptops in this price range. And when we talk about non-gaming tasks , the battery lasts you for about 8-10 hours. 


The laptop comes with a single USB 3.1 port, two USB 2.0 ports, and one HDMI port on the left side.

On the right side, there is a round charging indicator and two audio jacks which are gold plated to give better audio quality while using headphones/speakers.

There is also an SD card reader at the front edge of the laptop which will come handy if you want to transfer pictures from your smartphone camera memory card or vice versa (suggested).

In next-generation laptops, we’ll see more manufacturers moving away from putting DVD drives in them since it just adds extra size and volume.

This doesn’t affect much as most people use external DVD drives for occasional usage.


The keyboard overall look is very attractive but don’t expect too much in terms of key travel because here you will get only 1.4 mm of key travel which can be considered average comparing to other devices on our list.

Look and Feel:

The laptop is lightweight and sleek in look, it feels very similar to MacBook air, but obviously looks aren’t everything and the build quality is also pretty good here.

This thing will most likely survive small drops or scratches.  The screen hinges are quite sturdy as well so you probably won’t break them while lifting up the screen if it’s heavily loaded.

  • Good build quality
  • Good for gaming although not perfect
  • Easy to setup
  • Use it for video editing, no issue
  • Good graphics card in terms of price
  • Good screen quality
  • Fast speed as described
  • No backlit
  • Keyboard is little noisy
  • No Dvd slot
  • No Touch Screen

Best Brand of Laptop For Gaming

When it comes to brand names, MSI, Asus, and Acer are usually in the top of people’s lists. These three can be picked up at just about any big box store or electronics retailer and they do make some great gaming laptops.

When it comes to performance you aren’t going to get anything spectacular from a best gaming laptop under 600 dollars but these three tend to have good build quality and their laptops will last for years with proper maintenance.

Another benefit of going with one of those brands is that you should be able to find a new one cheaper when it comes time to upgrade instead of buying a used gaming computer because why buy someone else’s problem?

Pre-Built or Build It Yourself?

Some gamers might not have enough experience when it comes to building computers from scratch and therefore they might prefer getting a pre-built gaming laptop instead.

This works well for those who want their machines ready to go right out of the box but if you enjoy putting things together then assembling your own machine can save you a lot of money down the road.

Note: If you are still under budget you can also check out our list of more cheap and best gaming laptops here.

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