Best Gaming Laptops Under $2500 – Best Brand to Pick

There is no end to the laptops that you can buy today. However, when it comes to purchasing a laptop, there are some features that one must consider. The best gaming laptop under 2500 dollars has been listed in this article.

Most gamers know that it is hard to go wrong with a powerful gaming laptop. This comes as no surprise, as playing games on a high-performance computer has become an essential part of the gaming experience.

However, there are a lot of other factors that play into choosing a gaming laptop. Whether you’re looking for a laptop that will give you everything you need to have fun at home or work, this article provides the list of best laptops for $2500 price range.

Let’s look at all the things you need to keep in mind before making your choice. But before we get into details take a look at the table of our top picks. 

Table of Contents

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Gaming Laptop

Whether buying online or from physical store, here are 7 things you should at before buying a gaming laptop.

#1: Brands For Gaming Laptops

In this day and age, when information is everywhere, it can be difficult to decide on a laptop that suits your needs. Therefore, a little bit of research goes a long way in simplifying the process of making a choice.

Before going out to shop for a laptop, check out some best brands for gaming laptops.

This way, you can narrow down your choices and get a general idea of what’s best suited for you and what’s best to avoid.

In the next section of the best gaming laptops under $2500, best brands for gaming laptops are listed with their pros and cons.

#2: Know Your Needs Before Buying a Best Laptop For $2500

If you want to buy a $2500 gaming laptop, there are specific things you must know about them. You must be clear about your needs before going out to buy one.

If you’re a casual gamer who only plays the occasional game every now and then, it is best not to spend too much on a laptop.

For casual or mid-range gamers we’ve put together an important. Check it out here Good gaming laptops under $1000

If your priority is uninterrupted performance without any lag, best go for a laptop that has the best hardware.

This is to ensure that you never run into any problems while playing your games.

However, if money is not an issue and all you care about is having the best of everything regardless of price, then buying a gaming laptop under $2500 would be your best bet.

They should be able to perform all tasks that you want to be done on your laptop without any hiccups. This includes running the latest games, checking e-mails, sending texts, graphic designing or programming, and much more.

#3: Graphics Card 

Another important consideration when buying a new gaming laptop is to consider the graphics card. This is because games are advanced software, and their popularity has increased in recent times.

So, it’s best to have a laptop that features the best graphics card for the best performance of all the games you want to play on your laptop.

For instance, Nvidia RTX 3070 Super is best suited for any laptop that costs $2500 or more. This powerful graphics card will produce high-quality images, ensure smooth gameplay and ensure top-notch performance on the latest games.

#4: Display

Good gaming laptops incorporate the best display, which should be high in resolution. They should have a high-resolution display to provide you with the best viewing experience.

#5: Processor

This is important when it comes to buying a gaming laptop. Having a high-quality microprocessor ensures that you get the best performance out of your machine.

It also helps to play games or run any software with ease and also allows for fast processing speeds.

If you can afford around $2500 price range laptop, the Intel i7 – 10 Gen/AMD Ryzen 9 would suit your needs.

#6: Perfect RAM

Having enough memory is best for a laptop. Most gamers prefer to have at least 16GB of memory. However, if you are going to be used for intense gaming, programming, or designing software, then it’s best to go for 32GB or more.

In essence, the best RAM you can get on a gaming laptop under $2500 is 32GB.

#7: Hard Drive

The perfect storage is a solid-state drive, which is well suited to give fast speeds and high performance.

You should have the internal hardware components that will suit your needs. When you have good internal hardware components, you can perform all tasks on your laptop without problems.

Most laptops with this price range include 1 TB SSD storage, which is enough for intense gamers.

The Best Brands For Gaming Laptops

The best brands for gaming laptops is a question that might come to mind when you’re looking for a good laptop.

There are several best laptop brands around, but some of the best gaming laptop brands are:

  • Lenovo
  • Asus
  • Alienware
  • MSI
  • Acer
  • HP
  • Razer

However, it’s best to search for a laptop, which doesn’t cost too much.

Pros and Cons of Different Gaming Laptops Brands

Some gaming laptops brands may offer several benefits, but they could also have some disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons of gaming laptops brands.


  • Easy access to components and upgrades.
  • Longer product life cycle with an extended warranty.
  • Thinner designs
  • Good quality
  • Highly rated by buyers
  • Wide range of options to choose from
  • Good performance
  • Not good customer support
  • Not instinctive design
  • Sturdiness is slightly low compared to other brands.


  • Budget-friendly and Affordable
  • Good performance and battery life
  • High-quality build
  • Easy to access customer support
  • Designed for professionals with quality display
  • Slim body
  • Great unique features
  • Battery life is average
  • Customer service not best
  • Build quality, to say the least, isn’t fantastic.


  • Unique and modern look
  • Aluminum, copper, platinum, and magnesium make up the sturdy frame
  • RGB lighting everywhere on the keys
  • Good performance
  • VRAM included
  • Thermal control system
  • Different screez size options
  • Durable keyboard and touchpad
  • Warranty
  • Most reviews are good
  • Compromised weight but still slim
  • Expensive brand
  • Motherboard quality needs improvement
  • A high-end processor may not match GPU, RAM, and hard drive.


  • Gaming inteded
  • Really fast
  • Good for programming as well
  • Cooling technology
  • Good design
  • High level customization
  • Impressive voice performance and RGB keyboard
  • 1 year warranty
  • Could be expnesive
  • Heavy design
  • Louder span
  • May heat up while long use.


  • Find affordable laptop for your needs
  • Excellent customer support
  • Innovative features
  • Greate quality with elegant design
  • Availabe variety of laptops for different purposes
  • Acer prdator high end gaming laptop
  • 1 year warranty
  • Some Acer may have boring design
  • Low price laptop build quality is not strong
  • Cheap laptops performance is not best


  • Gaming laptops with different sizes
  • Awesome features and high-end specifications
  • Powerful enough more intense games
  • Cool look – especially when imitated by 4K OLED
  • Global presence with technical support available worldwide
  • Cooling fan settings that don’t make excessive noise
  • Excellent compromise between performance & visual quality!
  • It costs more money.
  • Sometimes less storage
  • The keyboard is not appalling but not as good too.


  • Portable gaming laptop
  • Sturdy build
  • Available high budget and low budget laptop
  • It’s a popular brand, thats why finding parts is easy
  • Almost all features included built-in
  • Attractive design
  • Pre-installed security features
  • May costy while repairing
  • i3 processor gets slow after long usage
  • Additional functionality may slow the laptop but you can uninstall them

Best of luck with your gaming laptop!

What Is The Best Gaming Laptop Under $2500?

Whether you like casual gaming, intense gaming, or high-end performance, what’s important is what meets your needs. When you know what you need and what’s best suited for your kind of task, what’s left is to go and shop around.

So what’s the best laptop for $2500 in 2022?

Though 2022’s top gaming laptops are listed below but being best doesn’t mean best for everyone actually this depends on what you want to do with it. If what you need is a high-performance laptop, what’s best for you would be one that has the latest hardware components and the latest gaming laptops under $2500 offer this.

The best advice is to get what fits your budget and what you need from a laptop so that you never have to settle for what isn’t right for what you need.

List of the Top 10 Most Affordable, But Powerful, Gaming Laptops Under 2500 Dollars

Here’s the list of top 10 affordable and powerful gaming laptops for $2500

1. Acer Predator Helios – Powerful & Budget Gaming Laptop Under $1500

The 2020 Predator Helios 300 is a middle-tier gaming laptop with excellent performance and long-lasting battery life. It’s just below Predator Triton 500 line and up against competitors like Lenovo’s Legion 5i or Dell G5 15 SE. But it does offer better graphics in this price range.

The silicon chips that are faster than last year models while almost doubling power usage when playing games on high settings

For those who prefer to game on the go, Asus’ ROG Zephyrus G14 is an outstanding choice. But if portability isn’t your thing then take a look at this oversized edition from Predator instead!

The viewing angle stable technology ensures easy reading regardless if you look straight ahead or turn your head during outdoor use in direct sunlight – just make sure there’s plenty shaded area nearby!

It has the power to meet your demands in this fast-paced world, with good PCMark scores too!

The GPU can also perform decently when needed. The new TGP maximum of 110 watts helps you stay productive with a long-lasting GPU performance even if it’s being used under heavy loads. The RTX 2060 6GB card is capable of running any game without lag time or freezing screens.

With its bright RGB backlit keyboard that looks so sleek! The touchpad supports gestures for easy navigation of windows or apps alike. No more dragging your fingers across trackpads like before because this one works smoothly without any lag at all!

Finally, there’s support for 3 USB ports as well as an HDMI 2.0 output interface which ensures great video quality.

2. Acer Predator Triton – Budget Gaming Laptop Under $1500

If you’re looking for a laptop that has the power and performance of a desktop but in a portable package, then look no further than the Predator Triton 500. This device not only lets users monitor their CPU and GPU usage with its built-in program but also allows them to adjust color or keyboard lighting.

All while staying ultra-thin at just 4.6 pounds weight! With long battery life thanks to efficient hardware powering this little guy through any task thrown its way up until 6% slower over longer periods compared to other laptops we’ve tested, which still don’t seem too bad considering what this laptop offer.

When playing games, it has been proven that this laptop does not disappoint. You can play through various different titles including “Shadow of War” with ease to satisfy your gaming needs.

But what really makes it shine is its high frame rates! Despite having an Enhanced Graphics DLC installed in order for more realistic graphics at higher settings (for example Ultra), I found 100+ fps during gameplay without any hiccups or delays even when switching between different locations within one scene which shows how well built its hardware is.

Acer designed this with 3 fans and 5 heat pipes in mind. This ensures that it stays cooler, faster by moving more air around!

It provides up to 128GB of memory size while also packing an i7 processor into its sleek frame, making this one super powerful for all your tasks needs.

The processor turbo boost frequency can reach as high as 5GHz. This means you’ll never worry about performance slowing down or getting stuck somewhere between loading screens because of an overheating issue.

3. Razer Blade 14 – Best Gaming Laptop Under 2500 Dollars

The Razer Blade 14 gaming laptop is a new device from the company, but of course, it has some impressive hardware onboard.

This gaming laptop features a 165Hz 1440p screen with AMD Ryzen 9 and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card with 8GB VR.

It can easily handle most modern games at 70fps or higher when you enable high-level graphic settings.

The Razer Blade 14 is not cheap, but it’s the more portable choice that allows you to carry around a powerful gaming system.

Identical gaming performance to RTX 3080 razor blade laptop which is more expensive compared to Razer blade 14.

The Razer Blade 14 has almost the same graphics capabilities as the RTX 3080 graphics razor blade laptop, which sells for $2799.

It has an aluminum chassis like its predecessor, but it’s now thinner and lighter than ever at 0.66 inches thin compared to Blade 15 which is around 0.78-inches thick with no internal redesigns. It’s now weighing 3.92 pounds which is pretty light for a gaming laptop.

Many people may complain about screen size since the Razer Blade only features a 14-inch screen, but it’s much more compact and portable than the popular 17.3-inch model.

The battery life is not as good as its 15-inch variant, but it offers a good enough six hours of web browsing. With almost similar performance, however, you can’t beat the Razer Blade 14’s price.

It has a powerful processor with 8 cores that can handle multitasking and resource-heavy apps.

The most impressive thing about the new Razer Blade is that it achieves higher performance on Adobe Premiere Pro tasks than any other laptop out there according to PC Mag.

It’s slightly thicker and heavier compared to its predecessor but still manages to have a smaller footprint thanks in small part to the much thinner bezels up top and down below compared to last year’s model.

4. MSI GS66 Stealth – Super Graphic Gaming Laptop Under $2500

The MSI GS66 Stealth 10SFS-440 ultra-slim powerhouse with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super graphics card, 8 core high-performance Intel Core i7 processor, and luxurious RGB Keyboard.

This is a very well-balanced laptop for gamers who value performance and style. It not only looks the part, but it performs like a true gaming laptop should, only with the thin design of a Stealth.

Put the ultra-slim MSI GS66 Stealth in your backpack and you’re ready to play, everywhere.

When it comes to powerful laptops with a thin design, the MSI GS series has always been a winner for gamers looking for a high-performance machine without extra bulk.

The strong build and premium materials make this one of MSI’s most elegant gaming laptops.

The chassis feels like a mixture between plastic and metal where it’s both very solid and sleek at the same time. The bottom aluminum chassis has been previously used in MSI devices.

It is also created with high-quality materials that give it a sturdy feeling, which is essential for any expensive portable gaming machine.

The black brushed aluminum finish adds a nice touch to the look of this laptop.

With new NVIDIA Turing-based GeForce RTX graphics card inside you get up to six times more performance than before with twice the power efficiency.

The MSI GS Series packs a punch in the high-end GPU realm, allowing you to play any game currently available on ultra-settings.

Scoring over 100 fps is easy with the GS66 Stealth in most games, with high overclocking potential thanks to the powerful GeForce RTX 2070 Super chip inside.

This laptop rises above the competition with an Intel Core i7 processor and GeForce RTX 2070 Super graphics. With such high frame rates, no man’s sky game can be played at 120 fps with ultra levels of detail and performance.

It’s hard to think of a device that offers more firepower under the hood.

The MSI GS66 Stealth boasts a brand new display with a high refresh rate of 300Hz and a fast response time.

Enhance the most intense gameplay or media watching experience by speeding up image processing to be displayed faster than it would normally.

It’s great for keeping in sync with pro players who use 240Hz monitors to gain a competitive advantage.

It comes with a highly attractive price tag.

MSI has crammed keyboard design on this laptop; not my favorite layout. It would be nice to have the option of using either one at your preference. Cannot say how it can affect keyboard durability.

No backlight strength options for individual keys (only the arrows) like the previous generation GS65. The MSI GS66 Stealth 10SFS-440 surface around the keyboard is easily smudged by your hands.

Final Words

One thing to note is that the battery life isn’t too great (about 4 hours) while testing games but lasts much longer when browsing.

It is a very powerful machine at current performance levels without having too many bells and whistles to increase size or price.

5. ASUS ROG Strix G15 – High-Performance Gaming Laptop For $2500

The ROG Strix G15 is a gaming laptop with an aluminum and grey-black, transparent plastic construction. It comes equipped with better cooling system.

It is the thickest among ASUS ROG Strix SCAR models. The footprint has decreased somewhat since the last model, making it simple to transport.

It comes with an anti-ghosting keyboard with RGB LED lighting which ASUS calls Aura Sync. ASUS claims that the keyboard is quite cool during gameplay even at the highest level of use.

It has put a plethora of ASUS offerings in this laptop, such as ASUS AURA lighting system and ASUS GameFirst technology. This laptop is designed for gaming with ASUS-exclusive features to offer players the best experience possible.

In fast games, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU offers smooth motion. This laptop is primarily intended for gaming, so ASUS has implemented its exclusive features to attempt to be ahead of competitors.

You can play GTA V at 78.6 at ultra and 130fps at high settings. At high and ultra settings, Dota 2 Reborn runs at 112fps and 107fps, respectively.

The display is a Full HD panel without G-Sync at 300Hz. The backlight level is 312 nits with 1080p resolution.

The AMD Ryzen 9 octa-core processor offers a lot of power. During our test it performed very well, almost reaching ASUS ROG Strix SCAR II.

6. GIGABYTE AORUS – Powerful GPU/CPU Gaming Laptop Under 2500

Gigabyte Aorus is a gaming laptop that was designed to provide the best gaming experience without compromising other hardware. Gigabyte announced the Gigabyte Aorus 15P YD gaming laptop back in September 2017 and introduced it as a high-performance mobile platform that can be used for both gaming and multimedia entertainment purposes.

The Gigabyte Aorus 15P YD gaming laptop is packed with the latest 11th generation of Intel Core i7 processors, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPUs IPS anti-glare display.

The 15P YD high-end specifications make it a direct competitor for the Razer Blade Pro 17 and ASUS ROG GX800.

The keyboard is illuminated by RGB lighting, which may be dimmed or turned off completely. The Aurus 17G is one of the few gaming laptops with a mechanical keyboard. It has an excellent built-in mechanical keyboard.

The anti-glare 240Hz IPS display is superior to the non-anti-glare other Gigabyte laptops. It’s a relatively large gaming laptop with a full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS gaming panel and an overall thickness of approximately 27mm.

It won’t compare to other gaming laptops like the Alienware M17 in terms of beauty. Gigabyte has used a simple design theme for its Gigabyte Aorus 15P YD laptop, giving it conservative looks with only the red-colored keyboard backlighting standing out.

This is an excellent choice for a desktop replacement. Aorus 15P YD is not for everyone because it’s expensive than other Gigabyte laptops like the Gigabyte P55W. But this one is for you if you require the ultimate in gaming performance, yet still, retain the use of a laptop for everyday purposes.


The Gigabyte Aorus 15p YD is the best gaming laptop in the market. It has done an excellent job of balancing power and performance with a gaming laptop.

Gigabyte’s Aorus 15P YD is an absolute beast when it comes to gaming performance and handles everything you throw at it. It lacks aesthetic appeal but if that’s not your primary consideration when shopping for a gaming machine Its a solid choice.

Also, the only downside is Gigabyte Aorus 15P YD gaming laptop will have a battery life shorter than other Gigabyte laptops. But if the battery life isn’t as important for you as raw performance it’s an easy choice.

7. Razer Blade 15 – Powerful & Budget Gaming Laptop Under $2000

Razer has improved its revised Razer Blade 15 by 25% compared to the previous model. Therefore the new 2020 Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop is a powerful and sharp gaming laptop. The case is made of aluminum with sharp angles and impressively small dimensions.

Thereby, Razer has created a powerful gaming laptop for people who do not want to give up the power and aesthetics of a good gaming laptop.

The RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU and a webcam, as well as good battery life, make it stand out among gaming laptops.

In addition to the black version, the Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop 2020 comes in a special white limited edition.

Asus Zephyrus G15 and MSI GS66 Stealth are slimmer, lighter, and less expensive than the Razer Blade 15 base.

The Razer Blade 15’s 4k video test was no better than it had been previously.

The NVIDIA RTX 2070 Max-Q is a powerful new GPU, but it does not run wild compared to MSI’s GP66 Leopard. It does not imply that it is unable to play games.

With ultra settings, you can play Red Dead Redemption 2 at 1440p and get 59 FPS.

Regardless of what graphics card is enabled, the native refresh rate of 144 Hz will function.


To conclude, the new Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop 2020 is a powerful gaming laptop that can handle any game.

It offers powerful hardware, sharp aesthetics, and impressive build quality at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, like the 1080p video export test, the 4K video export test result was as better as it was in the previous model.

Razer has been hyping a new Blade laptop with improved specs for some time, and those improvements appear to be making it feel more contemporary.

We’ll have to wait and see if Razer’s subsequent steps for this laptop are as interesting as the first model from 2021, but at least some of the better components make it appear a little more recent.

8. MSI GS75 Stealth – Good Rated Gaming Laptop For $2500

A new thin and light MSI gaming laptop offers a good balance of price, features, and performance.

It’s incredibly tiny and thin. The MSI GS75 Stealth has a weight of 5.2 pounds, which is half the weight of its heavier competitors. If you’re planning to move your computer around frequently, this could be a major benefit.

The larger screen size 17.3 inches feels even bigger because of its thin bezels.

Gamer-ready graphics card including the new GeForce RTX 2070 Super for a better performance than previous models.

The MSI GS75 15 is a gaming laptop with an octa-core Intel Core i7 processor and an Nvidia RTX 2070 graphics card. It has a 144Hz screen that can display all those extra frames, and it may play games at over 90 fps at 1080p.

It has a premium look and feels thanks to its aluminum alloy frame with no sharp edges, which is ideal for expert users. It has a high enough frame rate to play all games, including AAA titles at Ultra settings without any problems.

Although MSI gaming laptops are better if you want them more powerful than this model, the new thin GS75 Stealth saves space on your desk and is perfect for gamers on the go.

Sturdy build. MSI GS75 Stealth 10SF-609 Ultra Thin and Light Gaming Laptop. MSI gaming laptops are better than this model if you want them more powerful than this model, the new thin GS75 Stealth saves space on your desk and is perfect for gamers on the go.

The port selection is good with Thunderbolt 3 Type-C, HDMI 2.0, and Mini USB 3.1 ports for connecting more than one monitor.

The battery life is decent but may drain the power quickly when gaming, which you’ll expect in a gaming laptop. It takes about 2-3 hours to charge up with the MSI’s power supply.

The Alienware 17 is strong against MSI G75 competitor that has maintained its edge in terms of build and performance.


The MSI GS75 Stealth is a decent first entry into the GeForce RTX gaming laptop market, with a sleek thin design, plenty of oomph for 1080p gaming, and surprisingly good battery life.

9. Alienware M15 R4 – Recommended Gaming Laptop For $2500

This powerful gaming laptop is a great choice for power users. If you’re going to be doing anything that requires the use of a powerful graphics card, it’s worth it to take a look at this classy white chassis.

You won’t need to upgrade for many years as well!

This Alienware model is equipped with NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 graphics card. Highly recommended by our technical experts.

The smaller tower offers plenty of ports and gives you great mobility as well!

Physically, it’s small enough to fit in most backpacks and has a very classy white casing. It won’t stand out too much in the office either!

The inside is pretty powerful processor that can handle 4K games easily. You may not want to hook up a 4K monitor though as the battery life is cut pretty short!

You can connect your Alienware m15 to any big screen with ease since it has an HDMI port and MiniDisplay port. You may also enjoy games on the 4K OLED display with a 60 Hz refresh rate and Tobii eye-tracking, which supports eye-tracking.

You’ll be able to play AAA games at 4K with ease! Pick up your Alienware m15 R4, RTX 3080 powerful gaming laptop today!

The keys feel good thanks to their short travel and fast actuation. It has a full-sized keyboard, which is great if you’re into productivity as well.

There’s also an amazing RGB keyboard that you can control and program with ease.

You’ll never have to worry!

The Pantone color calibrator helps you get your colors 100% accurate across all devices, whether you’re printing or looking at pictures.

Here are the short details of FPS for different games.

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The performance of the game depends on your system. At 1080p, it runs Assasins at 70 frames per second; at 4K, it’s only 35 frames per second.
  • GTA V runs at a solid 108 frames per second at 1080p and 35 at 4K.
  • At 1080p, the Xbox One X runs at 68 frames per second, while at 4K it gets 27 frames per second.


To conclude, the Alienware m15 R4, RTX 3080 powerful gaming laptop is a great choice for work and play.

This white chassis looks good when you’re in the office or at home on your console. It’s also highly recommended when it comes to performance!

The only downside is its battery life, which is cut pretty short. It doesn’t help that this laptop has one of the loudest fans out there, either!

We highly recommend the Alienware m15 R4, RTX 3080 powerful gaming laptop if you’re looking for a device with great performance and good mobility.

10. Dell XPS 15 – Mid Range Gaming: Powerful Processor

If you have a big budget, this is a good choice in terms of spec but the price tag is quite high too. It has a mid-range graphics card and a powerful processor. You will not be disappointed if you use it for normal usage or light gaming.

Dell XPS 15 offers 6x faster performance than the previous generation Experience beautifully immersive visuals with display resolution (3840×2400)

It is a good choice if you are looking for something versatile. It has the specs most people need for work or school and can still play games in low or medium settings.

Some find it appealing because of the thin bezels compared with other laptops in the market. If you are looking for stability over anything else, this will be a great option as well since it has a very good and strong build.

This is a great laptop for people who like touchscreen laptops because of the high-quality display. A lot of reviews also find this laptop to be very attractive and nice looking. It is thin compared with most laptops we would normally see, which always makes it unique.

To summarize, this is a great laptop if you are looking for something that can do your work and light gaming. This might be the best choice for you if you are looking for a well-rounded product that does not disappoint.

CPU-Z Benchmark comparison between Dell XPS 15 and other high-end laptops. Notice the difference in the graphics card performance which might affect playing games on different settings.

Dell XPS 15 is included in the list of laptops that have the best specs you can buy right now. In terms of processing power, Dell XPS beats all other high-end laptops. The i7 10th Gen processor, which is the best one so far in 2022.

The Best Features to Look For in a Gaming Laptop

The features to look for in a gaming laptop are RAM, Storage, CPU, GPU, and display.

Of course, the gaming laptop should have impressive specs so you can enjoy your games to their fullest extent. Below are the features to look for in gaming laptops.


For a good gaming experience, you’ll need a high quantity of RAM to make sure your computer stays smooth even when there are multiple processes running at the same time.

Storage: 512GB SSD + 1TB HDD

You’ll need a balance between large storage space and fast storage. Many gaming laptops would have both kinds of storage to best utilize the games in your library so they won’t take up precious disk space.

CPU: 7th Generation Intel Core i7- 7700HQ

High-performance CPUs provide a stable environment for your games.

GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3070, 3080, 2070 Super

You should have a dedicated GPU in the best gaming laptops under $2500 so you can have an excellent gaming experience. A good graphics card with 4-8 GB VR would be perfect for your needs. 

Display: 1080P or Higher

The best resolution for a gaming laptop is 1080p. You can get a better visual experience by upgrading to 1440P or 4K, but more pixels on the screen will mean worse performance.

Why You Should Buy a Gaming Laptop?

Now, some factors like gaming efficiency and portability are described as pros and cons of different brands for gaming laptops, not necessarily of owning a laptop.

So why exactly should you buy a laptop?

Here are several reasons that best explain why buying a gaming laptop is worth it.

1. Comfort

At home or at a LAN party, you can play your favorite games from the gaming laptops to their fullest using your laptop. Having a laptop will allow you to bring your games wherever you go without having to deal with a desktop computer again.

2. Better Display and Sound Quality

Gaming laptops can house impressive display components such as a 120Hz or 144Hz monitor, G-Sync support, and 4K resolution. They will have impressive visual capabilities, allowing you to experience true immersion in your games.

Also, they come with high-quality audio equipment that produces a richer sound reproduction.

3. Increased Mobility

Having a laptop will allow you to play your favorite games wherever you are. You can bring it with you anywhere without the hassles of carrying your desktop computer around.

By having a gaming laptop, you can save space in your home so there’s more room to spread out.

4. Improved Hardware

Many gaming laptops improved their hardware components to further push their performance. Compared to older generations, many gaming laptops now come with faster RAM and storage so you can experience your games at their best.

5. Room for Upgrade

Buying a good gaming laptop will allow you to upgrade your other components after some time. You can choose not to upgrade your laptop and use it for a long time since you can always add more RAM, storage, CPUs, or connect to an external GPU, etc.

6. Warranty and Customer Support

Gaming laptops come with great warranties that will ensure your purchase is protected in case of any technical problems after some time. Also, many laptop companies also offer customer support to help resolve any problems.


So why exactly should you buy a gaming laptop? Because they provide high-quality visuals and sound, increased mobility, improved hardware components, the option to upgrade your other components in the future, and great warranties and customer support. In fact, there are so many reasons why buy a gaming laptop.

Should I get a Desktop or Laptop for Gaming

This is a very common question asked by many people, whether they’re just starting to play games or have been gaming for years.

Let’s talk about gaming laptops first before we dive into the inner workings of this question.

Let’s make it simple:

You should choose a laptop if you will be moving around often and want to play games on the go. Owning a laptop will allow you to play your favorite games anywhere, whether it’s at home or traveling, without the hassles of owning a desktop computer.

If you’re not going to move around much and intend to stay in one place often while playing your favorite games, then get a desktop computer. Owning a desktop computer will allow you to build your own custom gaming machine and get the best specs for gaming.

More Info: Gaming Laptop Vs Desktop


You should choose a laptop if you want portability while owning a desktop computer if you intend to stay in one place often while playing games at home or LAN parties.

The Benefits of Investing in one High-Quality, Powerful Laptop Instead of Two Less Expensive Laptops that are not as Powerful

Here are the benefits of investing in one high-quality, powerful laptop instead of two less expensive laptops that are not as powerful.

Stay Longer

Gaming laptops tend to last longer than two less expensive laptops that are not as powerful

High-quality gaming laptop will allow you to play your favorite games at higher frame rates and resolutions without breaking a sweat due to their powerful hardware components.

Basically, if you have one high-quality laptop, you won’t have to worry about buying another one for a long time as they tend to last much longer than two less expensive laptops that are not as powerful.

High-Quality Visuals and Sound

You can enjoy high-quality visuals and sound that will immerse you in your games

A high-quality gaming laptop comes with components such as a super-fast graphics card and higher quality speakers, which will allow you to enjoy better visuals and sounds that will immerse you into your best gaming experience.

Good Battery Life

Gaming laptops tend to have a longer battery life than two less expensive laptops that are not as powerful

Many high-quality gaming laptops can last up to 4 hours with a single charge, which is enough time for mobile gamers who want to enjoy their favorite games on the go without having to worry about their laptop dying on them halfway through their favorite game.

Now that you have all the info about the best laptop for $2500, it’s time to go shopping. Whether your budget is $2500 or less, there are some great laptops for gaming within every price range. If you want more reviews like this one throughout different categories of products, let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you and help find just what you’re looking for.

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