Are MSI Laptops Good For Gaming?

Are MSI laptops good for gaming? This question was asked to know the capabilities and performance of MSI Laptops. Many people buy products and they don’t actually know the product they are buying and end up dissatisfied.

After going through this answer, you will be able to know the capabilities and performance of MSI laptops, the graphics, RAM, and storage.

Are MSI Laptops Good For Gaming?

MSI laptop is the best brand for gaming. The company has really good graphics performance. This is because of its Nvidia graphics card, which is of the highest quality and standard.

MSI Gaming Laptops Are Popular Among Gamers Because of Its Superior Performance.

The Company has gained a lot of fame in the market only because of its superior performance when compared to other similar products.

This is one of the major reasons why gamers prefer MSI above any other laptop brand. They know what they want, and it is a device that will provide them with high-quality performance.

In the wonderful world of laptop gaming, it can be so easy to get sucked into all of the different kinds of gaming machines available on the market.

But I’m here to help you stay on solid ground and offer up my professional advice on the four major components that are going to have the biggest impact on your gaming experience.

If you just happened to stumble across this article, then it’s important for me to outline that these are not in any specific order, nor do they mean you should forget everything else.

Yes, other components are essential, but these four are the ones that will have the most influence on your gameplay. If you’re comparing value and performance,


Intel processors come in four categories: Core i3, I5 and 7. The higher number on your computer’s end means better performance provided they’re from generations apart; unless MSI has something new for us with their newest gaming laptops which use 10th generation CPUs instead!

Ready for the future? i9 laptops are top of the line when it comes to processing power and these laptops will play 3D games smoothly and clear of potential bottlenecks as we push into VR and 4K gaming.

But they do have a costly price, so what should you choose between i5 or i7?  

As an avid gamer and often one who demands more from my laptop than simply playing games, I recommend the happy medium: i7! The best gaming experience right now can be achieved with the resources that are made available in the best midrange consumer processor which means a hefty investment by no means but that pays off on both budget and performance regarding future-proofed gaming.

And considering all things, you can run not only your favorite AAA titles smoothly but also other demanding software without breaking out in sweat about how much RAM you absolutely need at any given moment for anything up ahead.


RAM is a curious business. It stores data for quick access but it doesn’t particularly know what kind of data you want. But as time goes on and our workloads run longer, it becomes more obvious that more of whatever’s handy is better in more situations.

But how much RAM do you need?

If a game requires more than 4GB of RAM to run smoothly, then we suggest buying at least 8GB. MSI’s gaming laptops have been pre-installed with anywhere from 8GB and up to 32GB of RAM.

The amount of RAM your computer has can have a profound effect on the functioning of your system. In order to facilitate speedy transfer of data, RAM allows you to multitask between programs freely.

Because games are becoming increasingly sophisticated, having a lot of memory is especially helpful in smooth data processing while playing these high-performance games.

For example, if you’ve been looking at the specs for your new PC, chances are the first thing that attracted your attention was how much RAM it will have.

While most gamers say that about 8GB is sufficient for light gaming, MSI obviously disagrees! In fact, the manufacturer starts its recommendations at 16 gigs and goes all the way up to 32 GB when we’re talking about their top-of-the-line models which is more than adequate!


There’s a lot to learn when it comes to GPUs and your equipment but there is definitely one thing you have to understand – the more up-to-date you are, the better.

Graphics Cards range from Regular to Super and Titanium (Ti) with each being better than its predecessor according to their classification respectively.

The Ti version of the generation is better than a regular chip. The best card for you will depend on your budget as well what games are out currently to give an idea of which one would be good in those circumstances.

But if we’re talking about overall performance then there’s no going wrong with any vanilla version from generation before its time – that means a 1660 can still beat 1650 Ti.

If you want to push things such as resolution or graphical quality, consider one of MSI’s laptops with a Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU – this will blow anything else out of the water!

MSI laptops are loaded with NVIDIA GTX or RTX graphics cards so you can be sure that no matter what system or genre of games you enjoy tackling, these will exceed your expectations and deliver a mind-blowing visual performance every time.

Ray tracing is the latest innovation in gaming graphics and if you want your games rendered with the highest fidelity in their lifelike state, look no further than a laptop with a ray tracing GPU.

It sounds fancy but really it just means better rendering through shadows and real reflections making your worlds that much more immersive!

If you’re not a high-end gamer, then the GTX 1660 is most certainly what you need. There are quite a few amazing games that can easily reach 70 FPS on this powerful graphics card.

When it comes to overclocking however, the RTX 2070 may have more potential than the GTX 1660 Ti. While both cards are powerful in their own ways, we believe that the RTX 2070 will still last you for at least 4 or 5 more years!

With every generation of GPU being released by NVIDIA, you get more and more extra power that eventually gets limited by the previous generation of GPU.


144 FPS, or frames per second, is about as high as it gets for computer gamers.

The fastest PCs can manage 120-144 FPS and this might be enough for you, but anything below 100 FPS is generally regarded to be enough with the level of gaming hardware being so cheap nowadays.

If you want an unrivalled competitive gaming edge then getting 144Hz display set up on a top-end gaming PC will give you an unbelievable advantage over your friends who are rocking 60HZ screens.

Pros & Cons of MSI Gaming Laptops

  • MSI latest latest CPU, GPU deliver great performance
  • Stylish design
  • MSI business laptop are thin and powerful
  • Best gaming laptop brand
  • Intend to gaming
  • Advanced Cooling system
  • Great display
  • Keyboard customization
  • Powerful SSD
  • Higher customization integrated
  • Good audio experience by Nahimic technology
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Comes with damage protection
  • 1 year warranty
  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Despite cooling system it gets heat up
  • Customer support is not good

What is the Best MSI Gaming Laptop?


The MSI GS65 is one of the best gaming laptops under $1500. It is solidly built, looks great, and has a ton of power under the hood. I was able to run the game on Ultra settings at 4K resolution with ease.

This laptop is not only powerful, but it also has a ton of storage, a mechanical backlit keyboard, and it only weighs around 4.19 pounds.

It even has a thin bezel display. This laptop is equipped with a 2.2GHz Intel Core i7 8750H processor (turbo boost 4.1 GHz) and 16GB (upgradable to 32GB) of RAM, allowing you to run any program or game without any problems.

The game ran smoothly, though sometimes I had to lower the settings to get a good 75 fps. I never had a single problem with the graphics in this game.

MSI GL65 Leopard

The MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 offers everything you need in a gaming laptop. It features great graphics for the price, and can run any modern game on high settings. This is really impressive because this computer only costs $2399 dollars.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves PC games want to invest a few more bucks into buying a gaming laptop.

It is a very nice and stylish laptop for gamers who still want to look professional at their job or school. It runs smoothly and will work for any gamer no matter what genre they prefer.

The MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 is an excellent laptop for those who love to play video games. When you look at the price tag and what you get, this machine blows away the competition and can easily compete with much more expensive laptops.

It has a great i7 processor, RTX 2070 GPU with 8GB DDR6 VRAM, and a 512GB SSD + 16GB RAM. This is definitely one of the best laptops for gamers you can buy right now, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great laptop for a decent price.

Is MSI a Good Laptop Brand?

MSI computers are a great choice for either gamers or those who need a computer to use in their business.

MSI makes some great products of all types at reasonable prices that really meet the needs of professionals such as graphic designers using them for professional work or gamers who want to play graphically intensive games.

MSI has been around in the gaming laptop industry since 2008 and they were founded on two principles: innovation and style. That said, MSI’s prides itself not just on its results, but also on its products.

We would highly recommend their notebooks if you are a gamer, but we cannot highly recommend them if you’re looking to purchase a laptop for work-related applications.

Should I Buy MSI Gaming Laptop?

Although you can play the Dragon Age series on max graphics and settings, this may cause your fps to drop somewhat. For a great gaming experience that would otherwise be smooth sailing.

If you plan to play on lower settings perhaps consider investing in an MSI or Alienware laptop as they are well known for their outstanding hardware performance.

However, if more bang for your buck is what you’re looking for without compromising too much on standards like storage capacity, then consider the Razer Blade which comes with better specs and an appealing price tag!

If you’re looking for a new gaming laptop, the MSI GS65 Stealth may give you some trouble on max settings when playing games from the Dragon Age series (though still playable).

Still, if your graphics card isn’t set too high and you don’t mind not having a touchscreen or equal sound quality to the Alienware 15, by all means get the GS65 because it will give you better specs overall.

If you have any questions about what we discussed in this post or need assistance with anything else related to technology, feel free to contact us via our contact page!


So are MSI laptops good for gaming?

MSI is a brand of computer hardware that is particularly good for gaming. There are some very good reasons why MSI is the go to brand for gaming computers, including the fact that they have a very wide range of products that are designed to suit different gaming needs.

MSI laptops are gaming laptops. They has been committed to the gaming brand for many years. MSI is one of the few gaming brands that has a full line of gaming notebooks, gaming desktop and gaming monitors.

MSI’s gaming system is adopted by many professional players who like to play games.

So yes, you’re good to go with this brand if you’re a gamer, but not recommended for work-related applications.

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