Are Gaming Laptops Good For Programming?

Are Gaming laptops good for programming? This is a great question that many are wondering about. Generally, they are good as the laptop spec says they are?

Programming is a hobby enjoyed by many people. Whether they are students or professionals, most programmers are interested in the latest updates and trends of the programming world.

One such trend that has been around for years is gaming laptops. A lot of programmers are interested in buying these laptops because they are able to meet all their computer needs while they are on the go.

It’s like having a desktop PC with you everywhere you go. However, there are several issues that arise when we talk about gaming laptops and programming.

Can these machines be used as your primary source of software development? Or should you just buy something else like a tablet instead?

This article will explore those questions so if this section applies to you, stay tuned!

What is a Gaming Laptop?

A gaming laptop is exactly what it sounds like.

It’s a laptop made specifically for gamers, which are people who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on buying or upgrading their computer equipment just so they can play the newest video games in high graphics and speed.

The hardware inside these laptops are also designed for high-performance purposes, which means that programmers are getting something that’s meant for high-intensity activities.

Why Do I Need a Gaming Laptop For Programming?

To continue the topic question, are gaming laptops good for programming? There are several advantages as to why you should have a gaming laptop for programming.

Gaming laptops are actually becoming very popular with programmers because of several unique qualities that they have.

For one thing, the hardware inside a gaming laptop are pretty powerful compared to other types of laptops. It has a lot more RAM a faster Processor, both being crucial components to boost your software development performance.

Secondly, some gaming laptops are capable of running several applications at once while maintaining high speed and stability. This is very important for programmers because it prevents stuttering in their code which can cause serious errors down the line!

It also keeps you from having to wait too long for some files to open.

Finally, gamers are very familiar with dropping frames when they are playing games. So if you are thinking about working on some software projects while you are travelling or commuting, gamers are more likely to know what kind of hardware can provide enough power so that it will run without pesky interruptions!

Why Not Just Use Any Laptop?

The short answer would be because most laptops are not made with programmers in mind.

They are mostly designed for tasks that are not very demanding like checking emails, browsing the internet, and typing up documents.

This means that most laptops are not equipped with powerful enough graphics cards to run your favorite game smoothly or other programming tasks!

It might be able to run some programs at a slow pace, but your productivity will decrease significantly due to slow rendering times and other related errors.

It also means that you are more likely to have problems with stuttering which are also known as dropped frames.

However, you are far more likely to encounter these issues when using a laptop with weaker specifications than a gaming laptop.

Where Can I Buy A Gaming Laptop For Programming?

We’ve already answered the question are gaming laptops good for programming?

However, if you are still having second thoughts about whether or not it’s a good idea for you to buy one, then the answer is yes!

Both online and physical stores are selling gaming laptops that are affordable and can handle your programming tasks. But there are several things that you should look at before actually purchasing the one you are eyeing.

First of all, make sure that it has a lot of RAM as well as a high processing speed to ensure smooth development work.

RAM or random access memory is going to be used for coding applications, running servers, and other programming-related tasks.

The processor or central processing unit is going to help with manipulating large blocks of data which are necessary for rendering graphics properly. This also helps a lot with debugging!

Secondly, make sure to find a laptop with good battery life so that you are not tethered from an outlet every time you are using it!

Most gaming laptops have pretty decent battery life compared to other laptops, but it is still wise to make sure before buying.

Lastly, most gaming laptops are not made with screen resolution in mind. That makes it harder for programmers to choose the right laptop for them because one cannot see how many pixels are present per inch easily!

You are also more likely to encounter problems with low screen resolution when gaming.

How Much Does A Good Gaming Laptop Cost?

Gaming laptops are usually priced between $800 – $2000. Although there are rare cases where you can find one below or above those ranges.

The exact cost of a gaming laptop depends on several factors which are manufacture, memory size, graphics card strength, etc.

Should I Get My Gaming Laptop Online Or In Person?

Both are great options to buy gaming laptops for programming. You are more likely to get a better price when you are buying online, but there are certain advantages that come with purchasing in person.

For example, you are able to test out the laptop before actually buying it so that you can at least get an idea of how powerful it is and if it will run your desired programs smoothly or not!

You are also more likely able to ask the store clerk questions about the product itself so that they may answer any concerns you have. That alone will help ease your mind enough to know whether or not this is the best purchase for your work.

Buying an online gaming laptop is also a great option. It is usually cheaper and you are more likely to get a warranty with your purchase!

It also gives you the chance to read reviews about the product which are written by people who have already bought it and used it for some time.

These are all things that will help you choose whether or not this is the best purchase for you and if it can handle everything that you need from a laptop.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Buying a Laptop for Programming?

Check out forums and provide feedback where needed!

Programmers are a pretty tight-knit community. If you are new to programming, then it is best that you check for online and in-person communities where programmers are likely to visit and help each other.

These are the best resources when you are looking to find out if a gaming laptop can handle certain tasks or not. You are more likely asked questions about which peripherals are necessary for your Windows operating system!

You can also ask them what kind of programs they use for development work such as the terminal, text editors like Atom, etc. This information is all going to help you know what type of laptop to purchase!

In addition to programming, you can do other things with it as well, check out the below articles.

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What Are The Best Laptops For Programming Available Today?

Although there are still other models on the market, here are three of the most popular laptops for programming:

Acer Predator Helios 300 – Good Gaming Laptop For Programming

This laptop is the most powerful purchase for programming on this list. It costs around $1,500 and has a pretty strong i7-9759H processor which can handle multiple programs at once with ease.

The graphics are also pretty decently powered so that you are not running into frame rate drops when rendering complex models!

This laptop was made to be the gaming version of the Helios 300. It has a GTX 1660 Ti which is a relatively powerful graphic card out there!

It also features 16GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB NVMe SSD.

ASUS TUF Gaming F17 – Good Gaming Laptop For Programming

Asus Tuf Gaming F17 is the most affordable purchase on this list. This laptop costs around $850 and also has a pretty strong i7-10300H processor!

It is great for web development, text editing, etc. It features 8GB DDR4 RAM and 512 GB SSD.

This one isn’t meant for gaming although you are still able to occasionally play games on it. It features a GTX 1650 Ti which isn’t bad but not as good as RTX 2060.

This laptop was made to be powerful enough for programming while still having the ability to run some games without lagging too much!

It is cheaper which is awesome if you are looking for a budget purchase!

Dell G5 Gaming Laptop – Good Gaming Laptop For Programming

This is also a good gaming laptop and cheaper compared to other laptops on this list but it is still pretty powerful.

It costs around $1400 and features an i7-9750H processor. This means that it can run multiple programs without any problems like lagging!

The graphics are also decently powered for rendering complex models.

It features 16GB DDR4 RAM and 256 SSD storage + 1TB Sata, which are way better than many other laptops which are usually able to handle small tasks at best.

This is a pretty good laptop for programming, you are going to get a lot of bang for your buck and it will last you for a while!

Dell G5 is likely to be much better compared to other laptops that are less expensive but are not as powerful.


When choosing a laptop for programming you are looking for something that is going to work best with your current needs and future growth.

So, if you are looking for a gaming laptop or one which can run multiple programs without lagging it is important to keep in mind whether the hardware upgrades are worth it because all of these factors are taken into consideration when checking out each model!

There are many different options available on the market today so just select one that seems right for you and provides everything that you need at an affordable price! –

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